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  • yes mackillop is on the central coast, i wasnt sure if you were someone i knew or not as there are plenty of mitchs around
    I know, sydney uni is amazing!! The buildings are so beautiful! Ive been inside the Great Hall, never inside the libraries though. THe open day is this saturday, and I'll probably go if I finish my Englishext1 major work by then... :|
    It wouldn't really make sense for me to go there though, as I live about 50m (no exagguration) from wollongong uni.. Students park further away than where I live!! Ha.
    But I feel that I will never become independant if i stay here.. sigh.

    yeah psych is 97+ at usyd, which is what im aiming for. I doubt I will get that though. It is only 90+ at uow which is much more acheivable. I mean I can always do it postgraduate, if I really want to. .. i dont knowwww.
    Yeah I would imagine that would suck. :( Oh well well be in uni soon, only a year left of school.
    Actually that is a scary thought lets not think about it haha.

    Yeah I was too thinking of something sciency... But now im not so sure. Im thinking more on a bachelor of arts in philosophy/english literature, or a ba of fine arts, hahaha, in any option I'm going to end up poor and starving. Was also thinking psychology.
    Really want to go overseas after school too.
    Maybe go to sydney uni. Live up there.
    Don't really know. Will play it by ear. :)
    Aww thankyou!! :shy: Yeah everyone at art school was so good. Very intimidating! Ack!

    Yeah I love smiths hill. Such a great school I'm really appreciating it in yr 11 and 12. Whats your school like?
    Have any plans for after?
    Oh ok cool! So just a random add?

    I have actually heard of Janalli high, cos I went to a National Art School drawing course last holidays and two girls in my class came from there. :) Clare and Llll... Linley. Yup.
    I go to Smiths Hill High, in Wollongong.
    Yeah, i know a couple of people who go to SMH, they travel for at least half an hour. It seems like a pretty good school, good luck
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