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  • Np. I see you do the same subjects as me except I do chem and you do PDHPE. That's cool. How are your subjects going?
    No specific software is listed although my moneys on garageband (the music comp lab is macs)
    pastebin - Stuff - post number 1727412 is the guide page fwiw
    Ohh is it that bad? I was actually thinking of doing business, but all those subjects seem to have so much content, I'm glad I didn't. Eee.
    I added you on fb. :)
    Ohh wow thats awesome!! Nah don't be nervous, we're all friendly here :p
    Do you know how many students we are getting? Like is anyone else coming next term? I dont think any of us were expecting new kids but thats cool, hehe. Do you have facebook or something?

    Yeah, no, I'm dropping maths next term. Wooopah
    Oooh cool! So you might be coming to my school? Thats exciting.. Do you think you went ok in the test?

    Yeah I know, last holidays of freedom.. I should start yr12 stuff but I can't be bothered... Urghh.
    Heyy, haha sorry I just got your post, no I didnt notice a bunch of people doing a test in A block, why, were you there?

    Are your prelims finished yet? Mine are, finally. So excited for holidays..
    ya man, i am all good, in the trial period right now and i have ext 2 up on monday, so studying quite hard to keep my rank, damn this competition for rank. wanna do biomedical engineering at UNSW or USYD, but leaning more towards USYD.

    how bout you Mitch?
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