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  • K
    Stop wagging class, you naughty boy.
    You joining BoS on the same day and being near me at BDO is a sign, we are meant to be.
    Hmmm, yahh, I do have fb. Never use it though, just remember that I have it from time to time. And then do nothing about it. But what the heck, I'm bored too. PM me yours?
    I hate structuring essays too. Especially making up techniques and stuff in english, I don't see the point of it ==" But it still makes more sense to me than maths does :D
    Rep is awesome; this is gonna sound weird but I'm kinda scared of repping people. I mean, won't they be like: wth, why is this random person who I don't know repping me for no particularly good reason? Lol, maybe it's just me.
    From like, a long, loooong time ago ><
    Well, five days.
    I didn't notice it was there ><
    And yes, I am a humanities person =D
    Essays in eco & mod are actually fun! It's only english essays that suck ^^
    Haha, I guess my dad would get along with yours, he's a history buff too. Except I enjoy the car ride lectures and stories about communism xD
    "I know I won't get a 99" - HEY, what kind of an attitude is that, HUH?! You should still try for it; I mean, even if you don't get UNSW/Usyd, there's always UWS. I know it gets dissed a lot, but they took us around UWS' medicine facilities once when I went there for a competition, and they were really cool :) Like, all shiny! ^^;
    Lol, I'm struggling with parametrics and here's a person saying complex numbers are easy xD Scary xP
    My subjects are going alright ^^. Maths and chem are awful but mod and eco and english are awesome (= I'm learning about communism! Hi Comrade :D
    Parents hinting away from med?! How come?! Med's a good profession; suuure you have to con interviewers to get in, then spent half your life studying and after you get out of uni, it's a desperate crawl to the top with sleepless nights and 432432 hour weeks... As you can tell, I'm not so into med xD. But don't get me wrong, I do appreciate all the good work doctors do, just not the job for me =). Wait, were you on the "who wants to do medicine in 2011 thread'?
    Ahhh, good ol' actuarial studies, I see you're a maths nerd =P How's 4u going? x)
    Nuppp! No med for me (no matter how much my parents "subtley" hint at it ><").
    99.6 for Usyd law :)
    What about you?
    Hornsby is good because the people are generally nice, teachers are generally good and we're right opposite Westfield! It's a good way for seniors to avoid the crappy canteen at lunchtime :p

    What's your old school?
    I go to Hornsby GHS. I see you go to Smith's Hill. Is it a good school?

    Nahs lol in Year 11 you start fresh for Chem. I didn't remember anything from junior science and it was still cool. :)
    AOS - The Crucible. My Module A - Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice. Module B - Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes. Module C - Hamlet. You?

    Shotty teachers --> self study :p
    For me everything is okay except future 4U looks intimidating and I don't like the texts I have for Module A English lol. Why didn't you choose chem?
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