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  • It's alright. It used to be really difficult in weeks 4-5 but now I'm finally somewhat enjoying it. Facebook and MSN are ruining my academic life. D: haha. Ah well. Two more terms till year 12. This is friggin scary. haha. You?
    We call that mindfulness =). Tis good too, improves your concentration as well =)
    I do 2unit maths, chemistry, economics, modern history, 4unit english and I finished agriculture last year. ATAR aim of 99.7; it's gonna be a looooong year.
    Hmm, pretty similar subjects to you (excluding the phys & va & extra unit of maths - I took 3unit until this year. Dropped it coz I was doing 13units in year 12 and the 3unit wasn't counting towards any of my ATAR estimates). Enjoying mod? :D
    I'm not taking offence, lol! I thought you were upset about my views so I thought to apologise. :D
    Do your friends provide reasons?
    I'm sorry. That's just the way I am.:(:(:(
    No but like, I do not discriminate against people because of their faith/religion/colour/race/nationality/physical appearance/location/and you get it, but homoz - they don't fit in any of those categories. Sorry but that's my view..

    Lol, yerr thanks. :D
    Yeah, quite busy myself. Just had my 3 and 4 unit hsc half-yearlyies for maths and now have to catch up on ALL the other assignments and homework that I, rather irresponsibly, completely neglected in the last 2 weeks. I also need to study for some other upcoming tests, so all and all haven't advanced too much in my readings but hopefully will get back to them soon :)
    I think that's a beautiful way of thinking of it =) And it's part of the human condition (Year 11 AOS -groan-) to question the purpose/meaning of life so I suppose yes, it is something everyone does at some point in their lives.
    But lol... when you talked about sitting on the grass and contemplating life.. did you mean meditation? xD. Meditation is about clearing your mind (literally. you sit there, trying to think about absolutely nothing) - disciplining it until you have complete concentration and feel calm and at peace. It's actually really hard to do >_o. But it helps improve your memory heaps :D (I read an article that said they were introducing meditation in American schools - not as a religious thing, but as a way of improving concentration).
    Me buddhist =). It's basically just atheism + meditation. And the occasional visit to the temple. But I don't mind because the temple's very peaceful and they have some really pretty cats there ^^;.
    0mgosh, you're so very sweet!

    Thanks, but my perception is based on like my personality, and my religion.

    I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way.

    thanks, well yep .. back to the argument.

    P.S. I don't take offence of anything peolel say on the Internet. =) Hence, I assume/hope you wont take offence too, kk?

    Ty for the rep =)
    Yeah; I think of Buddhism more as a philosophy/lifestyle. Are you Buddhist, or just athiest?
    I feel quite bad; I think I'm the reason the thread turned into a Sadiah bashing forum ><;"
    And my attempts to calm down the situation are being completely ignored lol.
    I'm sorry if you're a homosexual, and if this thereby offends you but:

    I avoid them, I don't like them, I don't respect them.

    Sorry, that's just me.

    Sorry. :(

    Everyone's entitle to their own opinion, right?

    You asked me, I answered. Simple. :D
    hey no problem :O) Thanks for accepting.
    'twas a random add hun.
    Haha yeah, I'm moving to GC or NSW later tis year though so :OP

    How's school?
    Na we're not doing Dracula, though I really wanted to!
    For my Related Texts for Extension 1 Crime Fiction I'm going to analyse an episode of Lie to Me because I just adore that show! One of my favourite crime shows on TV
    yeah you did spell Poirot correctly :) he does give out a lot of red herrings but in the end, the person who commits the crime is the person who you least expected...mainly because the re-enactment has all this info that we may have heard but didnt pay attention to and that is what they use to solve the crime
    lol :) I'm so knowledgeable :) jks jks so hows school?
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