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  • we are doing frankenstein this yr for advanced
    and agatha christie is pretty good..she usually adds chemicals such as liquid cianide in her murder stories coz she used to be a nurse
    and also, she adds heaps of red herrings in her stories, and everyone is a suspect coz they all have a motive
    lol sounds like fun...our school never did that...
    we had to find a related text and compare it to some other text..i forgot what it was lol
    and i think i got like the second highest mark out of the class which was gud :)
    i think u should go with ur first idea about the fairy-tale story...that should be interesting..if ur going to make a satire out of communism...a good book is 'animal farm'
    its really good
    i've got some notes on it if ur interested
    well a lot more homework for starters
    oh ur in yr 11....i thought u were in yr 12 lol
    i have just proven my illiteracy to you :)
    16 eh? did u start schiool early?
    im 16 too but i put a fake age when making my profile so it shows up as 17 lol
    yeah i did satire in year 11 too. Personally I didnt' like it. But now that I compare it to crime writing...satire is much easier
    and PD James' "The Skull Beneath the Skin" is a real bore lol
    Are you studying any texts yet or still looking at "What is satire?"
    yeah i do like media watch :) its funny and the gruen transfer and the 7:30 report are also some of my faves :)
    what r u doing for ext 1? we are doing Crime Writing
    and for ext 2 im doing a short story
    lol ur welcome...consider urself lucky, i dont give out too many compliments (just about 1000000 a day :) )
    so how's school going? studying for half yearly's yet?
    wow love the orange, so stylish
    wow 6 assignments, hope u do well :)
    i dont know about SOR1 i mean we dont have that subject at our school so i wouldnt know
    but modern sounds like fun :)
    year 12 is exciting. its fast paced and not like any other year at high school
    extension 2 english is my fave subject. im a sucker for english..speaking of which, you have a very extensive vocabulary...i like that :) do u do advanced english?
    I haven't read it to be honest.

    On Hume, however, philosophy does owe him a lot. Not because he was flawless, but rather his complete annihilation of Berkeley's reaasoning was the catalyst for Kant to publish his 'Critique of Pure Reason'.
    Yeah but the reason Neitzsche rants like that is purely a rebellion against his strict orthodox upbringing. In actuality, his philosophy was a way of self-asurance, a ponderance of why he was brought up that way, and why was it right or wrong. He concentrated on an exploration of his own life to understand humanity as a whole better.
    Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, but to begin with Story of Philosophy by Will Durant is also good.

    Modern's alright I suppose, we're doing Indochina, what about you? I'm prob dropping next year for philosophy so yeah, don't really stress out about doing too well in it.
    which is better to buy for getting a band 6 for SC science:
    the science handbook or the science study guide?
    so if i use the SC Science Handbook, will it help me greatly to score high marks in the sc test for science, say like band 6?
    Is it worth buying?
    Should i buy it?
    just got you message. drop to sor 1 if it's too much of a hassel to do chem.with my experiece i like it and feel it enjoyable.it's not hard just have to study and practice for it
    But in the end, Year 11 was the best year I've had so far. I didn't think it that way during Year 11, though, lol. During Year 11, I thought it was hell!

    Now, I want to go back. :3

    I love Physics. It was good. It's still good (so far)
    The Year 10 me thought Year 11 was going to be bad. The Year 11 me found that it was worse xD. After the half yearlies, I thought I was going to be so screwed for the HSC. Like, REALLY REALLY screwed. Everything except maths just wasn't working out for me, just getting shit marks in pretty much everything.

    What really did not turn out how I expected was that I switched from EX1 to Physics in the last term and topped the class in the Yearly. All my other marks went up in the Yearly except for MX1 (because I spent more effort on my other subjects).

    I was lucky. I missed out on all the Physics assignments except one, and missed out on getting totally screwed over by the EX1 Yearly and the 2nd Independent Investigation. At that time, I hadn't finished reading 2 EX1 texts nor started the Independent Investigation.
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