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    I'm a highly experienced English & Studies of Religion tutor from Western Sydney. I have tutored students from Bondi to Penrith, from Year 3 NAPLAN to HSC in Top 10 schools. We will work together to meet your goals and get a band 6. I know exactly what makes markers happy and we'll use that...
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    I'm an experienced English & Studies of Religion tutor that will ensure you achieve the results you need. My name is Stef and I graduated in 2010 with a 99.70 ATAR, and came 3rd in the state (50/50) for English Extension 2, and 5th (97/100) in the state for Studies of Religion 2. I know...
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    So the trials are looming in the distance and the major works are nearly due and you've got two weeks to make all the difference. I offer one-to-one or two-to-one tutoring in English (Advanced to Extension 2) for both Stages 5 and 6 students as well as Studies of Religion I & II. I tutor from...
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    State ranking English, Studies of Religion & Earth Science tutor[Blacktown area]

    Re: STATE RANKING & 99.70 ATAR English, Religion & Earth Science tutor[Blacktown] Hey, This is just a reminder that I don't generally check my bos inbox. Please enquire via email to :)
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    State ranking English, Studies of Religion & Earth Science tutor[Blacktown area]

    STATE RANKING & 99.70 ATAR English, Religion & Earth Science tutor[Blacktown] Hi, I graduated in 2010 with an ATAR of 99.70. I now attend The University of Sydney undertaking a combined degree in design in Architecture/Engineering. I was awarded a Premier's All-Rounders Award for receiving band...
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    Share Your Ext 2 Eng Results

    3rd in state & 50/50, same as Saba. Shame my ex1 mark was lower (I was expecting 50 but I got 46, I thought it was my best subject) otherwise the rank would have been higher. Would love to read other E4 works. I still have a love/hate relationship with my work, thank goodness it paid off.
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    Foreign Film

    No problem with this. All quotes will be English translations as said above. Don't forget to be analysing cinematic techniques as well.
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    geek chic

    Long sleeve dress shirt tucked in with shorts. Suspenders. Anything with stripes. Borrow a beret.
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    Is it possible??

    Some kid did the same thing at my school not long ago and got suspended and the teacher involved went on stress leave.
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    Beautiful Countries

    slovenia, why did my parents migrate...
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    After the bomb resources and ideas 2010

    I've noticed that there is a fair few of us doing After the Bomb and there are very few resources available, and a lot of 'I'm so lost' threads around. Let's collate ideas and resources in one place. You post resources/ideas, and I'll add them to this post. First up: Paradigms...
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    Economics- Take it or LEave it?

    With a good teacher eco isn't theory theory theory- sure there is a theory basis but its very real and it tells you about what's going on now. Great subject, though can be dry and is very demanding.
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    Lucid Dreaming/Sleep Paralysis

    The inability to move and the feeling of dread and the black evil figure thing is typical of sleep paralysis. Apparently it occurs most frequently in adolescents. It's part of my Ex2 Eng major so I've done a fair bit of research. It's very creepy, so interesting though! I've also experienced...
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    What have you eaten today?

    light and tasty w/ milk 75g of ikea chocolate spring soup sarma (cabbage rolls) 2 mandarins
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    Need films that are related to After the Bomb

    I think you should be okay with this. I study Catch-22 as a core text and it's not related at all to the cold war, BUT it did relate to After the Bomb ways of thinking. I actually think doing a text on world war two could be beneficially because you could show the ways of thinking within the...