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    srsly,what is there to do in uts during breaks and you're nigel?

    If your not willing to even walk to the bloody Broadway campus then you won't find anything fun to do. Guess walking from one end of the house to the other is a pretty big hassle as well? I have to walk between Haymarket and Broadway every single day cause my classes are switched up between...
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    UTS vs UNSW

    Actually no. Like every other idiot in Australia, I figured UNSW was the place to go. Turns out not. Faculty of Science is garbage down there. My cousin currently travelling the world with Genetics informed me of UTS's superior teaching and resources (for Science mind you, no clue about the...
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    UTS vs UNSW

    Your a moron. There's no such thing as reputation bullshit surrounding universities. When you go into the big bad world, NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE regardless of what bullshit has been put into your mind, looks at where you graduated. America? Maybe. Standford and all those places that's...
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    Parents reaction to ATAR

    So retarded. Mum cried with my actual results and dad was all happy happy and whatever. Then I told them that atar. Quote Mum: Yea :-D and Dad: some psycholophical thing about eating someones heart LOL it was scary to get that response :P
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    Those that got into their courses

    Pretty sure I'll get into mine...Medical Science cut-off is 88.15 and I got 90.80...so I'm pretty sure that'll get me in :)
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    Reckon I'll get into a BA here?

    Hence the reason why children shouldn't be allowed to do the HSC... Sorry buddy but for most people there's a reason why you do your HSC at around 16, 17 and 18 because your preferences MAJORLY change within these ages of where you want to go and who you want to be. Go back to school....enjoy...
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    ATAR estimate please please please

    Easily 90+. You'll have no worries I don't think.
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    All nighter on BoS on dec16th

    Morons...sure...stay up all night and make the night take even longer to get your results. Unless you want the wait to be longer cause you believe you did shit? Sounds about right. Nup. I will be having my sleep thank you very much so when I wake up and see my results both times I can think...
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    mystery marks

    Definitely true. If you tell them you got an asterix on your HSC you get a free drink :P lol doubt its worth it pretty highly haah but yeah they get something at least :P
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    Does anyone regret attending the school that they attended?

    No way for the people I have met, my friends are my life but the actual school? If I had the choice again I wouldn't have gone to my school...teachers are terrible...facilities aren't exactly great...so yes I regret it pretty highly...
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    How did everyone go?

    ^ U know, if you wanted to your absolutely allowed to answer the Disasters section? I was considering answering a different option because I would be loosing 2 marks in Pharma....(not big but u know, if I can get them doing a different section why not!)
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    Multiple Choice; What did you put?

    I had so much trouble with this multiple choice dunno wtf was wrong with me. I do Chem, Bio and Physics for a while and pretty good at them all tbh, yet this stumped me at quite a few points... I agree except for 15. It's C. Txt messaging isn't verbal, its non-verbal electronic 13. B except...
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    How did everyone go?

    Overall easy, as usual. However some questions...was just like...I know how to answer this not hard...but WTF were BOS thinking when they wrote this!!! The Pie Graph especially looked at it like. Seriously? Is this a joke/trick or something?
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    Schoolies in Port Macquarie

    I don't think you can judge the place in terms of excitement if you live there. I'd say Sydney isn't exactly fun but some would say it's got heaps of stuff to do... Anyways yeah our trip is more to relax...surf, get drunk at night on the beach LOL, down time...need it to badly now...
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    Feeling about Content Assessed?

    I didn't actually say it was hard anywhere. Bio is hella easy to understand, only thing getting my brain going is Genetics Option cause it's so current at times scratching the surface off main ideas making it weird to understand, but there are heaps of people who go in and just memorise shit...