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  • i know, that was one of the few shows i used to watch.. that and the mentalist <-- love that.
    LOL you should see my whiteboard...i've just been sitting here for the past hours deriving escape velocity, orbital velocity + orbital energy, and kepler's law...it makes me feel smart :eek:

    is masterchef still on? didn't finish ages ago.. and that po chick won or something?

    and no i didn't do the projectile, i already told you before you non-observant/forgetful person
    i'm a guy, its in my profile hahaha!
    yeah hsc's been alright. maths ext 1 and math ext 2 were hard but english was pretty good, hopefully a band 6 (fingers crossed!). but yeah, what exams you have left?
    everybody loves rania :)

    nobody likes ninor :)
    it's the hard truth pumba deal with it :)

    i just had a shower, tried drowning myself, didn't work *sigh*
    aww man! ah well i'll still think that you're samuel l jackson haha. how have you been going so far in hsc? from the sounds of it you've been pwning maths!
    eh it's still better than i've performed all year.. just sad cos i could've actually done better were it not for stupid stupid stupid mistakes gah
    i'm checking terry lee's solutions.... i'm going to cry. i think i failed...seriously
    Lolllll yeah man first in everything!! 500% uai cuzii!!! Lolll nah I hope you did excellent in maths :) make us Arabs proud!!
    dude every time i see you post i imagine samuel l. jackson sitting behind a computer browsing BoS - makes me laugh. please tell me you look like him? haha
    ninor seriously i used to look SO different. i'll show you it after hsc you will be like "wth!?"
    maybe, maybe not.. who knows. anyway it's out of my hands now, can't wait to fully start studying physics or something and get my mind off it.
    farah just showed me a video of us 2 years ago. i looked so different... what has hsc done to me!?
    reading everyones comments is depressing me.. i think i've dropped to a low e3.. if that. i'll definately screw up chem, and most likely physics + legal. i'm so screwed. ah well...
    oo i'll gladly let you f my l ;) LOL i hate multiple choice are you crazy those damn motors and generators are so confusing! and no i meant how did your class find 3unit.

    and i am OKAY. a little bit annoyed at 3unit cos i didn't even get to attempt most of 7, happy it's over, stressed cos i want an e4 so bad but i know i've made enough stupid mistakes to drop me to an e3, anxious about my upcoming exams, and hungry (although that'll be fixed when the lasagne's ready). and how are you? :p
    class found it okay, they all said "we might pass" but hopefully they were just being modest and did really well and will pull me up :( p.s. our little 4unit chika said the exam was hard and she counted up her marks and she's failed... so yeah.. thats one more person in the state you've beaten
    ahh 75+ you are my idol :eek: so glad that's over and done with.
    so apparently the physics paper has changed and there's 20 multiple choice instead of 15.... fml :p
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