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  1. Modern4DaBois

    Question about Special Relativity

    How do relative velocities work near the speed of light. Say u r shooting a bullet that goes at 0.8c from a spaceship that goes at 0.8c, what is the velocity of the bullet relative to an observer on the ground? I know that this equation gives the answer, but could someone pls show how to derive...
  2. Lith_30

    Vector equation question

    I need help with part a.
  3. Modern4DaBois

    PLs Help Question ASAP

    Sup can anyone pls help with these two Qs? Thanks!!!!
  4. Modern4DaBois

    PLs Complex Numbers Polynomials Questions ASAP Help PLS

    Can someone pls help with Question 17, and Question 16 (part d)? Thank you so much! 😀
  5. V


    Hi we just started probability in advance math, (yh its pretty late ik) I had a question that popped up in the cambridge book.. For events and from a sample space, P(A|B) = 3/4 and P(B) = 1/3 a) Calculate P(AnB) b) Calculate P(A'nB) where A' denotes the complement of A c) If events A and B are...
  6. D

    My predicament.. Need Help

    My chemistry test is in 2 weeks however, I have an overwhelming fear that because practically half my class dropped and also because I'm struggling to understand the content that I'm gonna fail. It is a test with 20% weighting, and I'm wondering whether I should drop -- I mean I do find Math...
  7. D

    Just got my first year 12 assignment. What do I do now?

    Got my first bio assignment for year 12, but I'm too overwhelmed with things that i could possibly do e.g. practice papers, extend notes, get straight into memorising. What should I be doing from now up until the exam and how should I structure my day in terms of fitting in the assignment into...
  8. C

    ENG EXT OR GEO....???? 🚑💨💀

    Hi guys if you're reading this PLS help me out!!!! I currently have 13 units for Y12 (4u math, 3u eng, mod his, chem, geo) And I'm thinking about dropping either 3u eng or Geography but I can't choose... both have their pros and cons Drop Eng Ext, Keep Geo Drop Geo, Keep Eng ext - Geo is a...
  9. I

    Maths help??

    I’m so confused anyone pls explain how to answer this
  10. A

    I think I screwed up..

    So first of all, screwed over my selective test. Go to a public school that isn't the best. I'm a competitive swimmer and spend most of my time outside of school swimming and tutoring. Its only come to me very recently that if I don't step up my game, I might end up working at McDonalds (or so...
  11. I


    How would u answer the first question??
  12. I


    So I’m currently starting the beginning of my HSC Pip journey for SAC. I’m thinking of doing how Barbie Dolls have influenced female body images and expectations over time. Is that a good pip topic and what would my sub topics be? How would I gather research for it, who would I interview?? my...
  13. A

    Free Online Y10, Y11, Y12 Science Tutors

    Hey guys! Learning in lockdown can get pretty frustrating so to help out we’re offering free help for anyone that has questions on physics or chemistry! Visit our website (link in first image) to book a quick 15 minute session to ask us anything. We're Olympiad-trained James Ruse graduates who...
  14. A

    Help with linear equations homework

    So I'm doing linear equations at school and we have this question "Find the equation of the line that is parallel to y=5-x/2 and passes through (-1,6)" I found my answer using a different method and I'm not sure that if I were to use it in an exam, I would get full marks So the method I used...
  15. S

    Organic Chem: Substitution Reaction

    Is there any rule about which hydrogen in alkane will be replaced by a halogen atom during substitution reaction as per below? Thank you in advanced!!!!!
  16. S

    help with a maths question

    Let P(x) = (x+1)(x-3)Q(x) + a(x+1) + b, where Q(x) is a polynomial and a and b are real numbers When P(x) is divisible by (x+1) the remainder is -11. When P(x) is divisible by (x-3) the remainder is 1. i) What is the value of b? ii) What is the remainder when P(x) is divided by (x+1)(x-3)...
  17. Interdice

    Should I Do Maths Ext 1?

    Hey guys, I am currently doing 5.2 math and am wondering whether to do Extension. I got a 91 percent in my report this year and find the content that they teach boring and dull. All of my subjects are very science and math based My studying skills and my skills in math are improving at a rapid...
  18. H

    To drop or not to drop?

    I am currently contemplating dropping ext 1 english, as I have not performed well for the HSC exams of the course thus far. Our class only has 9-10 people, but I think i may be ranked last at the moment. The decision is really hard to make and everyone I ask for advice tells me that the pros and...
  19. D

    Need help on a math exam question

    I would be grateful for any ideas on this question :) , I know the use of the difference between cubes is used but how do you proceed from there?