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  1. Huntress_Waffle


    I got in Eco/Law double at UTS via early entry. I was going to just go ahead with it, but my parents say I should do Eco at USYD then transfer to eco/law 2nd year. I don’t really think there’s much point to that because I know some UTS law graduates who still end up going to top-tier law firms...
  2. L

    LAT response examples

    just curious since LAT is in two days and i want to have a solid outline of the 'criteria' (even though technically there isn't????) - couldn't find any online, only a sample paper on the ACER website thanks
  3. random93810938

    Should I repeat year 12 or transfer in uni?

    Hi, question is the title. I know from different posts that generally it is not advised to repeat year 12 but please hear me out because it would be good to get more opinions tailored to my circumstances. I was told that repeating will not improve atar that much but I think that it may in my...
  4. B

    Bachelor of Laws Online Study 2024

    Hi all, Currently completing a Diploma of Paralegal Services (due to end December of this year) at TAFE NSW. I've been looking at studying the Bachelors of Laws for 2024 entry online as I have two young children in primary school and don't feel like I can take on the load of travelling to and...
  5. A

    Law/Comm MAQ vs UTS

    Hello all! I am currently studying year 12 in the Sydney region and next year would like to study a double degree of commerce law. My first preference is Syd uni, although with the high atar requirement my more realistic options are Macquarie and UTS. I am currently having trouble...
  6. C

    early entry into law

    Hey guys, just want to know if you guys have any idea on whether getting early entry into law at MCQ, UTS and UOW is hard? If you guys have gotten it and don't mind, please disclose your approximate grades and approximate school rank. I go to a rank 30/40 selective school in Sydney and didn't do...
  7. U

    Is Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) @ ANU worth studying? 2022

    Hi Folks, I am a prospective student looking at studying at the Australian National University with either: Law / PPE OR Law / Economics Thoughts & suggestions on each of the following? I have read many threads suggesting PPE is a glorified arts degree. Is this true? Many...
  8. P

    WSU Bachelor of Criminology / Laws or try my luck?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering about whether or not the take the 2766 – Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws at WSU I was offered under the True Reward program or not, as I've heard mixed opinions about WSU. My plan currently is to take the offer, try my best in my first year and transfer to...
  9. A

    LAT and ATARs, what am i doing

    So I'm a year 12 student in sydney (and a first time forum poster, man this is weird) trying for psych / law next year. UNSW is good, but USYD looks pretty good too. I did the LAT last year (it's valid for 2 years, i think) and got a mark of 97, which is good i think. As for my ATAR, I'll...
  10. C

    2022 LAT + ATAR scores

    hi all, was just curious on the combinations of LAT and atar scores people got for 2022? ty
  11. #26MysteryMarker

    Bachelor of Economics- Bachelor of Laws

    Hey guys, As you may know, entry into USYD eco-law is very competitive (arguably on par with medicine at other unis). Does anyone know how big the intake is every year? and if someone actually does this right now, what are your experiences? (pros/cons, regrets, advice etc.) Thanks.
  12. LennonTheLemon

    Arts/Law vs Science/Law

    Context: I am currently doing Science/Law and majoring in chemistry. I should still able to change to Arts/Law and major in music. I have a fervent motivation to do both chemistry and music, however, my passion for music slightly trumps that of chemistry. The reason it is a hard decision is...
  13. queenb_3

    What is considered a great WAM? + How to improve?

    Hi there! I was just wondering, what's considered a great WAM for law? For context, I aspire to work within a top tier law firm such as Ashurst, Clayton, etc and be a barrister in the future. I was also wondering, how do we do improve? What I mean by this is, lecturers, don't accept extra...
  14. A

    procrastination at its pinnacle but i hope to get a 90+ atar

    hello folks, was going thru a few of the forum posts, hence decided to create an acc and signal my plea for and help/ tips? on how can i clutch a 90+ atar up until y10, i’ve been fairly an academic student and in the top 3 for most subjects but that was cut short where i butchered my rankings...
  15. E


    Hi there guys, I am currently a year 10 student, going into the prelim course next year. So far these are my subjects that I have chosen Advanced Math Extension English Chemistry Economics Legal Studies SOR I I want to get a scope in terms of my subject choices early as I was contemplating...
  16. queenb_3

    2020 LAT

    Hey y'all! How did you honestly find the 2020 LAT?
  17. P

    LAT'S - law at UNSW

    Hi everyone! I'm really passionate in pursuing a career in law, I'd ideally like to go to UNSW or USYD (however, aiming more for UNSW as slightly lower ATAR etc. and reportedly it's a better learning environment there). -> to get into law at UNSW you have to sit the Law Admission Test (LAT's)...
  18. cherubjin

    Legal Assignment again ;-;

    This is a continuation of my previous message about my legal assignment. Im up to part b now and i do not get my question at all. With reference to Part A, evaluate the effectiveness of the law in the operation of our society In your response, you are required to: Integrate relevant themes...
  19. A

    How law school in Australia assess the admission of LL.M.?

    First off I’d like to apologize if I posted in a wrong place because this is my first time of usage, please. By the way, I am a foreign law student but I’d like to further study in Australia. I have been finding for the GPA and other scores that law school requires, but I don’t see the minimum...