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    med at UNSW

    You nominate when to have your interview so just put it on one of the first two days
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    Sleepover at UNSW

    which college? and I agree, college is one massive piss up with a little bit of uni thrown in for good measure
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    to do it in a regular science degree you'll need 76 (including bonus points which they hand out like candy) and to do it in adv sci you'll need around 93-94 (again including bonus points) as far as whether or not it's interesting, I don't know, I;m only first year atm
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    English, Maths and Chemistry tutoring available at UNSW!!!

    Hi, my name is Ashleigh and I graduated dux of my year last year from Shoalhaven Anglican School on the South coast. I achieved a mark of 90 in both Mathematics and English (Advanced) and 87 in Chemistry. I am currently studying Chemistry and Maths at UNSW. I am offering tutoring to year 11 and...
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    Makeup Routine

    Work day: moisturiser, concealer, foundation (mousse, liquid or powder depending on how my skin is), a tiny bit of blush if i look washed out, black eyeliner on top lid and a little bit of mascara Uni day: as above but slightly more mascara and a spf 15+ moisturiser going out: as...
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    Who else can't find work?

    I recently got a job at mcdonalds kingsford over the road from uni, i was talking to the manager and he said the only reason they employed me over a 14 yo was because i had 3 years experience and one hell of a referee... so no, getting a job at maccas becomes exponentially harder with age...
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    Is it possible to do a Diploma and Bachelor's degree at the same time?

    Why German? Out of curiosity? Wouldn't an Asian language have better implications for a career? Having said that, I learnt German and it's freaking awesome haha! It also takes a heaps shorter length of time to learn, I goofed off in German at highschool for 5 years and my German isn't too far...
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    doing higher phys 1131 without HSC phys?

    I went to a lecture on info day about the differences between uni and high school and the guy was saying that when a tutor is marking an assignment exam etc... they will only give out the marks deserved and if none deserve a DN they won't give anyone a DN and conversely if 10 ppl deserve they...
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    Henri Leconte

    That masters match tonight was possibly the best game of tennis I've watched throughout the whole Australian Open...
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    What was ur first day @ Uni like, Uni Students?

    I'm already cringing at the social awkwardness that will be my first week, I also don't have many breaks during the day so even if I meet someone cool I won't be able to pursue the friendship! :(
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    Do you wear shoes at home?

    At home I usually have something on my feet, socks or thongs or something... I don't really take shoes off unless they're dirty (like my work shoes). When I'm at someone elses house, I generally take them off unless they tell me to keep them on...
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    The Lord Of The Rings

    I love it! My only criticism would be that there are simply too many characters and it's incredibly hard to keep up with who's who especially when there's one passing reference to a character and then 5 chapters away they are suddenly a crucial element of the plot and you're left thinking wtf...
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    B Science (Advanced) questions

    I enrolled in Higher chem but I only got 80 in the HSC, myUNSW didn't try to stop me or anything. I'm enrolled now can they kick me out???
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    B Science (Advanced) questions

    In the yellow booklet they sent out there is a list of recommended subjects for first year if you're interested in life or physical sciences, have a look at what it says for life sciences (ie. all the medicalish type ones and a couple of ring ins) I'm just going to butt in here with my own...