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  1. Dreamerish*~

    Whats your style??

    Favourite brand? Guess. Favourite designer label? Don't have one. Favourite Shop? Myer, Nine West, General Pants, random boutiques. Latest purchase? Pointy flats from De Lourve and jacket from some fobby shop in Market City. It was awhile ago. Next purchase? Probably skinny jeans or...
  2. Dreamerish*~

    "N" in fertiliser - standard solution

    By diluting a solution, you're changing the concentration of the solute. 0.5 moles of HCl in 100 mL of water is different to 0.5 moles in 200 mL. And since pH = -log10[H+], it's affected by concentration.
  3. Dreamerish*~

    reliability of the results...

    Actually, it's important to wash the precipitate several times with water and/or ethanol to ensure that impurities are removed via filtration before drying. You'd want to be as sure as possible that virtually all of your solid is BaSO4.
  4. Dreamerish*~

    The Haber process: how much detail?

    You don't need the background or source of reagents. Although the background is kind of interesting, and effortless to remember.
  5. Dreamerish*~

    Burhan or Susanna?

    Talk about Susanna, because everyone else is going to be talking about Burhan.
  6. Dreamerish*~

    Craptastic predicted UAI

    Any UAI is crap if it can't get you into the course you want.
  7. Dreamerish*~

    The World of Pick-Up Line

    "If you were a burger at McDonalds, you'd be McGorgeous. "
  8. Dreamerish*~

    Determining hardness of water through titration

    You totally don't have to know about the mechanisms of the EDTA titration for year 12. I could still type some info up for you if you want. The syllabus dot point tells you to identify the factors which contribute to the hardness of water, that is, just to name them. It's normal for you to...
  9. Dreamerish*~

    British girl (yes, girl) to have a baby

    Re: wadda slut And she knows this how?
  10. Dreamerish*~

    fertiliser analysis

    Do you have Conquering? I know the method is in there. If not, any other textbook will do. If you don't own any chemistry textbooks, only God or Dymocks can save you now.
  11. Dreamerish*~

    flame tests

    In fact, check out Chemistry Contexts for the very unnecessary details of everything.
  12. Dreamerish*~

    House M.D.

    Did you guys see his chest hair? ;)
  13. Dreamerish*~

    elective- forensic or shipwrecks

  14. Dreamerish*~

    a couple of questions on burhan gemikonakli

    ROFL. You scanned the photo!
  15. Dreamerish*~

    elective- forensic or shipwrecks

    Forensics is quite short, although it is less relevant to chemistry. I did forensics and hated it at first, but after awhile it was pretty interesting. If you're planning on doing any course in uni that requires chemistry as a unit of study, forensics is very useful because it has a lot of...