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  • lol fine, as you wish.

    well that was pretty quick change of mind.

    now i hate hlsc1000 even more. I got moved to the damn racecourse and walking there from the station is gonna be like 30 minutes or more :S
    lol, i agree, i feel like we're guinea pigs going on a test drive in a cardboard box with 1 wheel.
    i srsly cant be bothered to survey a change. Its already over and i like to think that the coordinators will themselves change it without a superior ordering them to.

    lol, what did you do? look at a beating plucked heart from one Helen Beazley and put it back in?
    lol, this was on a normal road right, not like a highway or something?

    um I put a full stop in front for the intext referencing aobut 5 times and thats what bascially pulled me down and i reckon, she didnt like my choice of words so she commented on my last line pretty much saying, yeh here's a mistake...somewhere.

    lol i'm sure i'll live ^^...i hope...probably...maybe...chances slipping downwards...
    it really depends, you'll just get use to it eventually ^^ and i havent actually being inside the CBD yet cause i dont have the time to go there. 0.0

    yeh i know, but its just to protect you from being an idiot in the future and saving you like a couple of lawsuits that could potentially damage your career. I think it would be fun, just take a couple of images, maybe laugh at a few quietly and go home ^^
    driving in right lane in 80k zone? wdf? um idk lol i think there may be a fee but i cant be too sure, if there wasnt i dont think there would be this low amount of people going to settle it in court.

    lol, i always ride the train with a ticket, it was just some stupid stuff.

    yeh i kinda just went through the whole thing and pretty much just made 1 mistake that was repetitive.

    lol, yeh i guess so too. i cant wait for clincials, but i'll probably hate it like after week 2 lol.
    why you hate uni? Like as a city guy, yeh i kinda hate it as well, but i live through it all cause i remember its only 3 years ^^
    lol i'll keep that tip in mind.
    what? babysitting has a company now?
    lol, what happens when they ask for you to help them poop.

    i got 54 so yeh...barely. Lol, well it says in your profession in the assignment question you know lol.

    That's a pretty big assumption. I assume your dad was a cop? lol, did she really hand you a ticket? i thought they mail it to you, cause thats what those state rail officers say when ur busted , but i never got any, probably they finally grew a brain.
    btw, if you lose, i hope you got a lot of money, but im sure you'll win, unless u were going at like 30km/hr or less on a 60 with smooth traffic flow.

    um...i dont really know. When i feel this course sucks and should of done commerce, i keep getting reminded by my friend's complaints about long essay exams and quizzes every week and then there are the highlights like having good lecturers. If you feel uncertain, you should go to their lectures that you are/were interested in to get a feel of it.
    lol, like it was because i didnt know the answer to it. We didnt get our confirmation to which uni we were going and the manager was like "so you can work for or more than 3 days a week?" and i said "probably" and he asked again and i said the same thing then blah blah blah.

    lol...i guess i shouldnt tell you anymore personal stories from now on ^^

    nah i didnt go. im not going up there just for a 1hr lab with travel x4 more than that.

    sry for the double thing, went over the limit :S
    0.0 i cant i got lower than you, but then again, essays were always my weakest and i didnt put much effort into it, because there was absolutely nothing for us DR's write about.
    "here's your MRI images and I hope you recover well in the future." :S

    lol, i would srsly rofl if you replaced it and he knew it wasnt his type of egg. Well at least your more considerate ^^

    0.0 babysit? lol, i was considering that, but i thought maybe parents prefer girls over guys into these kind of jobs and i didnt think i could handle changing nappies and taking them to the toilet. How slow were you driving like 45km/hr? Man the police are such hypocrites, i was travelling exactly 60 or a bit above on a slightly uphill slope in a 60 zone and a police car just zooms past me above 70 easily followed by another 3 other vehicles who then overtook the police car later. Anyway, besides me ranting, that must of had a bad rep notice next to your name :S.
    wow, they the one who u stole an egg from get a little pissed?

    lol must be pretty dirty there at the deli. I've applied for a couple of jobs during the holidays, but no one wanted to hire me =( and i was rejected for maccas cause i was too honest and didnt want to lie to the manager >.<
    lmao, well boys will be boys ^^, maybe you should yell at him once in a while unless your not the furious type, then do what mums usually do, take what we like ^^

    ah ok, but im probably still not gonna go, too bothersome :S

    sry about the lateness, i posted on my own wall -_-

    lol, how many room mates you have?

    i guess ur skills came in handy ^^, where did you work?
    well him doing most of the cleaning serves him right for being ignorant xD
    hey so do we have any more hubs1105 pracs?
    cmon...i highly doubt he is that bad that he cant follow instructions.

    lol, i always wrote as fast as i could, then sometimes i hate it when its like on the next slide. its so freaken annoying. Yeh me too, when i dont written stuff down, i daydream about other stuff and then usually wake up by the time when we're like 6 slides ahead. -.-
    i envy your laziness sometimes -> studying the night before.
    lol, i hope you buy him a cookbook for his birthday or something lol. it would save everyone a lot of trouble.

    i agree girls>guys in cooking and in house work, but guys>girls as farmers and raw product producers. ^^

    girls>guys in school cause we're gentlemen. Ladies first ^^

    lmao, didnt you at least take notes during the lecture? thats quite a philosophical debate there ^^, but i think we all have our ways of studying.
    are you srs? lol get him a rice cooker or something ^^ should be simple enough for him. He better not be asian or i feel like kicking his ass.
    lol english only works in a few countries
    maths is international
    therefore maths>english ^^
    therefore guys>girls

    work? what work? lol me...zilch...just going through a few recordings for some missed lectures.

    hey do you know where the hell are the recordings for hlsc1000? like srsly i cant find anything and i have no idea what so ever to study for it. :S
    lol, what did you teach him to cook?
    well they say, guys>girls in maths ^^
    i didnt go to the labs, i swear i was gonna vomit if i saw them like last time. Another part was this guy's genetials was black and omg...
    kk lol well hubs1105 is over and now all i need to do is pass it ^^ when i get around to study :S lol
    i hope it would be easier than last time. :S
    lmao, how pathetic? "hey can you make me a sandwich please, cause i dont know how?" type of pathetic or "so 1+1=3 i guess thats right...hmm..." type?

    ohh...well at least your happy ^^

    sell it to that place that buys old crap and get some money when your finished with it. You'll probably get like $100 bucks lol

    btw do we only have 1 lecture tomorrow?
    the car value after being painted would probably drop an extra 90% lol

    aw, well i hope you patched up things with your dad. I'm pretty sure he didnt like the idea too much either. ^^

    lmao, either ur buff or he's a weakling and im playing my bet on the buff option. *cough* manbeater *cough* ^^
    lol, thats what they said, "oh man up, your a bloke". I guess it was right ^^
    lol better safe than sorry huh? well if it works for you lol, i imagine that when you that green P stays on after its use is no longer needed, you'll just paint over it.

    Yeh, don't really use it at all, just for getting groceries etc. I guess thats true and your pretty lucky to have your dad as your teacher, they cost quite a bit :S

    yeh it was, but oh well, its only one birthday and probably a few more to come, but i'll live ^^
    lucky you :)

    lol thats one of the reasons why i opted to stay at home even though i meet a few thugs on the train home, but its all good. Besides you got a room mate to protect anyway ^^
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