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  • lmao well i got 33% in full but 12% when references were taken out so i was ok with it..
    i dont want my results...even if i became some top phd student on research writing -_-
    im just glad its freaken over.
    im betting on that guy that looks like Dr. Chase from the show House xD
    well beggers cant be choosers and friends arent an exception =)
    lol, why the hell is she stalking one of her tutors/lab assistants? lmao that just sounds creepy.
    bet its a guy and hes the good looking one xD
    lmao, so one of those, as long as it runs, its all good xD
    i might not be booksmart, but im pretty sure i can evade the average stalker pretty easily xD
    very independent of you :)
    i dont really care if your a guy or a girl lol, you cant stalk me down anyway :p
    what kind of car you drive?
    thats ok :) i never catch buses anyway unless i have to [eg. if its raining really hard or walking would take more than 1hr] and i've never seen or had a woman drive the bus i was in before. Technically i've only had 2 bus drivers since they were always the same when i went to school and back and they never blundered, which i find quite hard to believe^^
    i find it hard to believe that they took the wrong route :S

    Only walking and trains for me from now on xD cause i dont wanna pay them bus drivers -_-
    you drive my train? meh all you gotta do is push a lever up and down and im sure that i will get off at my stop safe and sound since you stop there too -> extra bonus express train xD
    lmao, i'll take it in mind to never let you drive anything which i will be boarding, even trains, jets, ferries and any other vehicles of transportation. =D
    I'm sure they were, then special considerations for everyone xD
    lmao alright, just dont come to me and yell "you didnt tell me! blah! blah! blah!"
    i rather not prefer to take responsibility =)
    well your retardedness might come in handy :)
    care to take a special consideration form? xD
    lol what? violating? how so?
    3 sources....lol. i hope you realise you need 10.
    lmao, same, but i was like begging my friend to check my points the night before the hsc english exams and in the end he finally did =), then he pointed out all this crap i've never heard of :(
    lol i mean this essay is worth 40%...im not sure if you can really slack off on that figure :)
    lol, yeh the library quiz just sounds so cheesy.
    0.0 well if you do that, then i pray you stock up on coffee or build a time machine while your at it :) its not as hard as i kinda thought, but the only pain is referencing it in somehow althogether.

    its alright xD lol, i thought you were actually starting on it =)
    lol manual handling assessment one. thats the only assessment prac.
    you might wanna start the assignment lol...like researching now would be ideal.
    its ok :) i didnt expect a specific location, just a general area. Unfortunately i didnt know how to word it probably lol so thats my bad on that part. Well i live in Northern Sydney and i go up there :S, but thats kinda forced since there arent many uni's with this course and that are better than UNCLE. Btw you done the prac for HLSC1000 yet?
    sorry about the delay, its getting harder for me to get into the forums -_-
    lol, well i mean it does consume your life for like the first few years then it usually rolls on its own unless you didnt plan well enough.
    So do where are you originally from like maybe Sydney?
    lol sorry i'm not a mind reader. :)
    Really? i just figured it would be harder to get a job thats all. Mmm i'm not worried about money too much either. I just want a good pay that would get me debt-free and a nice relaxing job. I have no intention of becoming a boss, cause i dont think i fit the role xD.

    Btw do you board at the uni or rent nearby?
    here's my representation of the respect you will get for;
    physio ---------------

    paramedic ___-----__---__---___

    psyhcology ______________

    yeh i'm not terribly excited about my course either, but i get through :) by thinking how ugly our uni is -_- and so many...oldies...in my course.....
    lol well good luck in your exam :)
    i had my physics mid.........and i know i passed but...i could of done better if i actually studied :(

    um hsc i got around 90. All my friends were stoked more than i was xD they thought i was going to get like 81-84 xD if i did get that, i'd probably would of gone to macq uni for a business/comm degree...with the rest of the asians...not that they're bad...but they're the fobby type o.0
    maybe...maybe not, i'm not saying >.<
    well you did get 21...and after my lab there were only like 10 muscles i learnt. Nothing too great :) Yeh i think i might to move my brain flowing again...its still in dreamland after the hsc. xD
    Yeh, but this is the main one. I have to pass to move on to next semester. I'm acing all my other subjects (i think) like phys and hubs1401 and I wanna get D's in all my subjects so i can have my option to transfer to Usyd for the same course open, just in case i wanna go there even though the quality isnt as good i reckon, but its gots its perks too :)

    um...im kinda liking it, but i cant really tell cause i havent even done anything really related to DR. It was either a health/medical or commerce/business degree for me, but i thought that there were way too many commerce students these days as im the kind that kinda looks into the future career more.

    Live life with no regrets as they say xD
    well do you want to change course? if yes, why?
    0.0 congratz xD
    lol well all girls say that, "oh i dont wanna look. I dont want to know!" then they take a peek.
    yeh i got below 19, but above 13. Thats all I'll say :(
    i made myself feel better by looking for the lowest, which was 5 for a few hours...
    then...remembered they probably won't trying :(

    lol we barely just finished lower limb :)
    i was at the lab and the tutor; Jency gave me that look saying "you still dont know any muscles below the knee?!!"
    yeh your right :)

    80% more...in like 5 weeks time :S
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