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  • ok im sorry i take that back.
    Hidden epidemic of women beating up men | News.com.au
    case closed ^^

    i havent driven in a while so i havent used lately :S since my parents old, fragile and sick. :S
    special consideration ftw! lol

    well if u use water/heater combo, start off really hot so wear some gloves or something ^^

    dude im on L's and im 18 and i still havent finished my 120hrs. -_-
    lol, well being slow is good as it probably got that no accident record of yours, retarded?? im not sure lol.

    aw, well my birthday was in the mid-semster exams period so i got screwed over too :(
    you called yourselves sluts, i never said or implied such a thing ^^
    i said they just use it to their advantage :p
    guys never use women as excuses. More like the other way. Just you have few girls who work harder than our below average guy workers, you start whinging about pay risings and when that doesnt happen, you play it up with your advantage ^^

    lol i have L magnetic plates, but i take it off everywhere i off, now its getting less magnetic :(
    we have such different problems :S
    um...anyway well try putting like warm to hot water over it and hopefully it'll melt the parts where they are connected or expand the magnetic plate so it comes of easier
    i dont really know :( sorry, but wow. Green P's and your like 18 0.0
    you must be a pretty good driver. Drive me around plox ^^
    lol, even though they may be more intelligent than men, but that is not a certainity, but they certainly are more manipulative than guys as they don't usually really care about their bodies per say^^. However, they use it the wrong way and get men into trouble.
    stop changing the subject. i dont have a fetish at all >.< i was just pointing out the facts. Havent you heard of the equation women=evil=problems?
    Imageshack - womenequalproblems1an8.gif
    thats why men commit more violent crimes and since we're more powerful physically we get a high jail sentence, thats just cause we're more masculine. :p
    fine, i guess i'll just need to find more till the end of the weekend.
    hmppftt if it needs be, i will prove you wrong ^^
    i dont need to talk.
    Teen 'spits blood at cop' in prom meltdown
    UK mum 'suffocated children with plastic bag'
    Woman struck in eye by stiletto heel

    I let the news do the talking for me :) as they are more valid that me blatantly stating some stereotypical view of women like how your stereotyping us guys as a bunch of violent idiots, which apparently and currently has no backing at all :p

    btw these are all from today :)

    i rest my case ^^
    sure sure, but in reality guys dominate girls in everything except talking. Girls talk too much as evident by our lecturer male to female ratio ^^
    also as a side interest, this is what girls also do :)
    Girl, 13, charged over teacher attack
    at least we dont go around hitting people with bins xD
    im pretty sure there is, but i dont know any other club would interest me and besides it actually helped me focus better when i studied ^^
    lmao :) what can i say? guys>girls xD

    but then again, girls never take it seriously

    and besides i cant be bothered being taught all these crappy rules and stuff again. I just wanna pwn some guy and move on ^^
    lol alright, yeh im into anime, but i havent been to the meeting which is in the GT bar at 4-6pm every monday unless they changed it for like the last 5 weeks ^^ cause i finished what they're gonna watch at home within the first week after they told me what they were watching which was like week 1 0.0 funny thing is i havent officially joined them yet cause you gotta pay $10 or thats what my friend said.
    i hope there is something like a chess club as boring as that sounds -_- my brain is itching to play to relieve some of this anatomy stress :S
    just dancing and acting? ooo well...thats ok then :)
    it was only 1 time xD if it was a real propose then yeh it would have been awesome...buhh ^^
    im sure another better entertaining lecture will come soon :)
    btw just curious, have you joined any uni clubs cause i feel like joining one, but im too lazy to seek them out and NUSA did jack shit when i asked them.
    dude wat the hell happened in the last lecture on monday? i didnt go and now i hear some music in the break time and a love sign...did someone propose or something??? im getting really curious ><
    lol, im looking forward to it so much, but im just scared my hep b requirements aint enough and ive been going in circling around looking for the right person to talk to. i've done nothing related to mrs dr seriously. hubs1105 is probably the closest to it as i can get right now.
    I've got about 3 days uni if i get all the right classes so im fairly ok with it. Luckily they're mostly mid day so it should be good and yeh i got like 3 tutes for mrsc and thats like wdf. A little pissed at my 9am physics lectures on thursday and tuesday, but the big thing im worried about is the 9am exam starting times. like wdf...are they for real?
    lol i wasnt that unbalanced -_-
    lol i can do the foot behind foot easily =D but i only did it for like 3 minutes and then got bored :S
    arent you afraid xD of that girl who went out with 2 guys and never came home 0.0 xD buh...if you want...my fb isnt that interesting anyway seriously =)
    yeh thats what i hear about uni, they cram hsc content with the first week of lectures. My friend whos doing maths major in science is completely bummed cause of it and i feel sorry for the engineers xD lol

    that sucks :S, hopefully you get better lecturers and i cant wait to be on clinic placement xD
    "physics is fun!" or so that he said, my lecturer.
    you know what? i tried and i did it :) took me about 30 minutes but i got it ^^ of course there are some factors like cause 1 of my pillows were pretty flat and i didnt always close my eyes and the fact that i got nearly flat feet...but im pretty sure we can over look that xD
    is biomed hard?
    and sorry for the delay -_- it seems BOS server likes to pick when i can go on.
    lmao. yeh hopefully its not counted in anything so its not a big deal. thats pretty true :) even my physics course is much more interesting and its labelled as for 'L for learners' =p
    its ok, we all cant be good at everything xD
    when you said 26, i quickly rushed to check again and yeh im in 27 xD damn close though
    lmao that was what i was thinking of doing, but idk cause im afraid they're all idiots like me :S lol
    lmao u did it again.

    blackboard then go to groups via hlsc1000
    go down the list till you find one where you can click on it and it takes you to your group list.
    lol no way, as if im gonna post it up on the DB, then everyone will know my name and i'll be some laughing stock for a while...maybe. Sigh...so what group you in? im in 27 D;
    so is there a group assignment or something?
    lmao, so lazy, but i guess thats you :)
    but seriously do you anything about these group things that we have to do? i got paired up with a bunch of randoms :S
    lmao seems like you just stuck random stuff together like a collage.

    lol so you havent been to all the lectures? ive only been to like the first 3 then i srsly couldnt be bothered to go. i think i might go to the callaghan one next week cause im free during that time. Quite ironic that we dont really learn anything and yet your confident on passing :) but i guess thats still good
    no mark will ever equate for the crap i had to go through for that assignment. I seriously cant be bothered to even think about it anymore ;S
    i passed thats all they said and i coulnt be bothered to go any further with it.
    u the same?
    btw what is this group stuff that we're doing? i havent been going to the lectures and tuts so im kinda lost :S
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