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  • lmao, i was originally in that one, but i found a spot in the later classes so it was good xD
    where do you get the results??? what did you get?
    lol, she looks so serious all the time. It feels like from a movie lol. Oh well i just wanna pass my 3 years quietly and start off to do work :). Maybe i might have the urge to look for you even though my best bet is a white brunette/blonde girl=70% of all the girls xD
    haha lol hlsc 1000... my first lecture was like listening to a recorder of someone just reading the slides and at the tute...i got picked on by her (helen) on every question just cause I didnt talk to the people in my group -.- i nearly punched her in the face. :S
    for me...its worse than death :eek:
    "i'll never kick you out of my lecture if your phone rings becuase mine does. *hangs up phone and puts beside her carrying on with the lecture...phone rings again lol" -> HUBS1105 at Callaghan? :D
    Probably not. Unless you go to my school, which i don't think you do. It says you go to Mackillop, do you go to the one on the central coast?
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