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    managing people at work

    i liked it.. the teachers linked it to AWA and things u would have dealt with or will deal with.. was very good.. out of 10 i would give it an 8
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    Clubs and Social Life in UWS?

    if your at parra.. there are sports facilities, and you can hire out gear from the uws connect building behind the library.. its got a little dingy green sign that says UWS connect. The door is just a wire/mesh thing and there is a wire pathway. Hire some equipment like a ball or raquets or...
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    loool awesome choice of words.. i am not sure what the scaling is like, but I have been scaled up eg last semester i went from 34/50 to 44/50.. for my assesment grade.. and then in teh same subject the test was scaled up by 10marks.. so this is an example
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    ppl doing Business and Commerce please help

    microeconomics for hte win.. edward miriyani is a mad guy, he basically gave everyone distinction averages during semester.. and heaps easy stuff if you were prepared.. and in the final be prepared aswell because that is when eh sorts out those who know the stuff and those who dont.. (marks...
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    How difficult was intro to business law?

    lol.. where did i say that? or even insinuate it.. in your own words You brought it up yourself! good one, your very intelligent.. you belong at uws for sure!!
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    How difficult was intro to business law?

    looooooooooool watever man.. ur not a lecturer or a professor.. your just a student like the rest of us.. also intro to business law is a 1st year subject, hence.. students are coming from school or tafe.. and its going to be the type of students that come to uws anyway.. uws have another...
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    How difficult was intro to business law?

    ahahahhaha said exactly like it is!! <3
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    Fire At C'town

    your a nob, nobs can start fires.. there are heaps of nobs around there.. they did it
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    How difficult was intro to business law?

    look at your sig man.. NO WONDER YOU LIKED IT... ask 80% of students who did business law, my money is on that they disliked it.. on a totaly unrelated fact... 60% of all statistics are made up on the spot ps. pam 17 sounds like a lecturer
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    Re: Managing people at work..

    fkn hell shouldve bought 2nd hand.. i just bought mine new for i think 92
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    Repeating a subject

    thanks, this is what i was looking for!
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    Repeating a subject

    What happens if you want to repeat a subject to get a better grade to increase your gpa? what does it do to your subject list and units done?
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    new building at the Parramatta campus

    yer it is school of engineering.. i read the stuff in the library.. who said it wasnt?
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    westmead campus

    shit that sucks.. is it a private school or some type of college? couild still use it and just say ur a student :rofl:
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    westmead campus

    ahh ok, well thanks though!! i've looked at the map, im gona take a walk there.. i know there is a massive football field right behind it which isn't on the map.. atm there are all these signs saying 'UWS' around westmead hospital and along darcy...