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Recent content by lance687876

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    chem1011 with no high school chemistry background?

    l know heaps of people that passed chem1011 without doing chemistry in school. pay extra attention to the first two tutorial problem sets because you can't do the course without knowing how to name compounds, balance equations etc. although you might find the labs a bit difficult, a lot of the...
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    IS the scaling really worth it? How hard can it be?

    yes, it is worth it. l found math1131 quite easy after completing it and l regret not taking math1141, and l'm sure many others feel the same way. there are not that many [X] questions, but more importantly the class tests which are worth 20% of your course are the same for math1131 and math1141...
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    Best degree at UNSW? What do you think?

    engineering. our first years make robots that can go through mazes. beat that.
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    Which aspects of HSC physics will be needed for Chemical Engineering at UNSW?

    no, the only assumed knowledge you need for phys1121/phys1131 is HSC physics and 3U maths. l didn't do 4U maths and highly doubt it'd help. the topic of waves is basically just revision of stuff you learnt in HSC physics, you will find that this is the easiest out of the 3 topics. if you've done...
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    MATH1131 Lectures - can't decide between lecturers

    yeah but half the time one lecturer runs late and the other is forced to take his our. sometimes the other lecturer doesn't come at all and we have 2 hours of the other lecturer. so it is pretty risky and l recommend that you just go to britz and pahor's lectures. to me britz is better than...
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    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    you will have to either leave early or literally run your ass off since it's a tut-lab and it is like half-campus distance away. and your next lab is even further away lol. but it's a joint class so you don't have to worry.
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    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    nah. you're fucked in terms of running.
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    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    my friday is so long that it doesn't even fit on my screen -.-
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    MATH1131 Lectures - can't decide between lecturers

    2 hour lectures in consecutive days from 4-6? good luck trying not to fall asleep in them lol. but you made the right choice. britz and pahor are excellent lecturers. don't worry, it gets better in your second year, only 3 long days lol
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    Got a UNSW offer..but can't set up UniPass >.<

    well the UNSW identity manager isn't working right now for me as well, so you should try again later. the server probably crashed due to everyone applying at once
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    UNSW and UWS dilemma!

    so she was saying she could transfer internally to UNSW's media and communications course
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    UNSW and UWS dilemma!

    in my opinion, you should take bachelor of arts at UNSW. transferring internally is usually MUCH easier than transferring universities. it is a long process. yes there will be competition but you will have a higher chance of being employed.
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    Chances for acceptance through feas?

    l got in through FEAS, even though my ATAR was only 84. every year around 500 people are called up for the interview, and ~100 are accepted. FEAS is not based on ATAR, it's on how suitable you are to do engineering at UNSW. it largely depends on what subjects you're doing. l took ext 1 maths...
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    Some questions about uni [unsw], please helpp :)

    D94 gave pretty good explanations but just to add- the only assumed knowledge is maths ext 1. though most people l know that got band e4's in maths ext 1 and took ext 2 did higher maths. it's like... 4U compared with general maths dude. the concepts are much harder, but you only have to...
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    Some questions about uni [unsw], please helpp :)

    l just completed my first year of engineering. l recommend that you do not make the same mistake l did. take higher maths and higher physics. it isn't harder, you just need to learn a bit more content. plus the scaling is awesome. you don't really need textbooks. for maths, you just need the...