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  • nah man did it alright. 69 WAM, a distinction, 2 credits and a pass. Not great but decent considering i went on average to 1 lecture a week and in that to do homework ahahah.. howd u go? and btw if im not mistake, i recognised your tall figure in the MGMT exam.. forgot the room but it was on ground level and in some sort of strange tent sort of area, ye?

    btw ive finally overcome bos :) i no longer post on a regular basis here. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.jpg
    Hey man, sorry don't go on much anymore. I've got a couple people who want it for $45. It's in essentially perfect condition. Only used a couple of times at most.
    nah man lol ive thouht about postgrad law but that just sounds gay....... law sounds gay.......in conclusion it is gay........... and im not gay

    At the moment im mostly scared over accounting and stats, although ive figured stats isnt too bad. MGMT they actually give u the case study u learn!!

    I only just want to pass.. but im shit scared of that lol
    given up on transferring ye lol. No way am i getting a wam of over 70 at this stage with my lack of efforts, i'll just be happy with pass-credit.
    I'm looking forward to doing a combined degree of economics and commerce next year. Tbh, law never seemed to be my thing anyway. I always liked economics much more
    oh lol i got 55% ._.
    I pray to god my tutor was a harsh marker and just that.. coz i really don't think i did that bad especially when a dud mate of mine got 3 marks within me -.-

    life goes on but i hate uni
    Thanks for the inspirational note! I am going to self-accelerate myself further and self study chemistry even though I am not in it. In June, I will decide if I want to apply, I will know if I am ready at that point.

    Thanks for the insight!
    ..thanks, but no thanks.

    im not a terribly interesting person to talk to. besides, considering what ive wrote on these forums, i wouldnt be able to look at you people in the eye.
    hey man i assume you do econ1101....... how on earth do i find out what homework is for tuts? its reli pissing me off
    Umm i need to spread rep lol...remind me on msn yes?
    neg rep for the berk who dropped 4 unit, yeah?
    LMAO. yep. sounds like mine. hahahahaha. ahhh maltese families. they make me laugh.

    i made it for my boyfriend the other day actually. He's Turkish and he'd never had it before. His whole family LOVED it. hahah and i made him try pastizzi. that's why i had some :p tehehe
    hahaha, they were AMAZING ! ....for lack of a better word :p

    well, my nanna has been making it ever since i can remember and she's very maltese, and it's not particularly a cake. It's like, a chocolate mixture of butter, sugar, dark chocolate, etc layered with coffee soaked plain biscuits. It's quite delicious.
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