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  • yeah I meant I don't know whether I respond on my wall or this one.. I'm new okay! well new as in not lurking anymore.......*lurks in corner*

    yeah well idk, u have to talk to the faculty person or something, i have to eventually

    because im doing intro french A this semester... and want to do intro french B in semester two, intermediate A in 2nd yr semester 1, and intermediate B in 2nd yr semester 2.... but then i cant choose anymore electives after that year except for core/major/general ed(which im not sure u can do from langauges).. so if i wanted to do advanced.. i'd have to figure out that whole diploma thingggggggggggg

    lol engineering hardcore
    I will reply here? cos I don't know how else to rely to you 'mitchy_boy' literally..

    Yeah I guess I shouldn't retaliate its just in my nature to argue :p

    I am B Social Science major in International Relations.. so theres the social science&policy core and then the majorrr.. the only other major I'd be keen on his possible Development Studies... and im thinking of doing a diploma of languages in french within it too........! pretty keen

    what are you doing at UNSW?
    Lol, but the place smells like shit daily; it's sad to know I'm used to that smell now.

    I'm good friends with her; she's in my Modern class as well. =)
    Thanks for the info and tips much appreciated ;)

    ps. what would you consider to be the hardest module or the module to put the most time into?

    hi, bit random but do you know wheres the best place i can find resources on Mod A - Bladerunner/frankenstein for english advanced?

    well, it exploded a couple of days ago, but i think it's putting itself back together again :)
    (4u english + incompetent teachers = me NOT a very happy chappy)
    but aside from that, okay i guess =S
    how about you? =)
    oh wait! so you're doing 4u too!! i'm sure you won't be in the bad half but if you are, YES, ARGUE. teacher's shouldn't be able to do that =/ i mean, it's your choice about whether or not you want to do 4u!
    LOL, YAY [about bio =D]. and then you can ace all the assessments to come and come first ;]
    LOL weird shit x]
    ahhhh, a maths nut. i personally think anyone attempting mx2 is crazy but, how's it going? :)
    akgafagyr. bombarded with exam results today. well, two of them. one result was good and the other was bad. every time i feel bad about the bad one, a side of my head reminds of the good one and i feel happy. but when i feel happy about the good one, the other side of my head reminds me of the bad one and i feel bad. >_<;".
    how was your first day back? :)
    more likely that 2unit maths will kill me >_o.
    i most certainly hope everyone else is getting sick of school >_<. hope they're all suffering. like me, and you >>.
    but yes, trudge on. or crawl. i'm crawling through 4unit english. having changed my idea and method of writing several times. i feel like burning what i've written so far.
    how's your major work going? wait. do you do 4unit english? i've forgotten what subjects you do ><'. and your 'about me' section is a tad suspicious - chinese background speakers? lol x]
    bahh, late reply but YES, I DROPPED 3U MATHS.
    i just couldn't take it anymore. and it was 13 units. i mean, ick.
    the plan was to drop 3u and ace 2u but uhh, that hasn't quite happened x__o
    how've you been doing? (=
    My ATAR was 96.3. only need around ~93 with bonus pts for my course as its cut-off will probably be 98 next yr (this year it was 97.2).
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