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  • Hey, I read on some thread that you were doing law/comm at UWS? :D I am too! I haven't found many people doing it though ~
    So yes, just thought i'd drop by and say hi to a fellow firstyear law/comm student at uws :)
    Haha, yea, I'm all prepared. Hating my timetable tho, 4 hours of travelling and 1h of lectures. I haven't seen any of you guys in ages!! How bout you?
    Yes. They are all the latest editions, I purchased all of them in 2010. Do you know which ones you want?
    Alright, I just wasn't sure, I know it can get a bit far to travel sometimes. All my textbooks are for core units(with the exception of alternative dispute resolution), doesn't matter what you major in, you will definitely do all 8 units. Just a matter of the order you want to do them in. $50 for intro to law text. $76 for Torts required + 2 x $10 for the recommended reading $72 for Accounting Info for Managers textbook+study guide $50 for Business Academic Skills text $72 for Principles of Economics text+study guide $20 law foundation text (has highlighting and words written in the corners but is in alright condition) $20 management dynamics text (same as above with highlighting etc) $63 for criminal law text + 2 x $10 for recommended text. I've taken 40% off the price at connect books (they already put a 10% discount on the RRP)
    Well, I sorta scratched up mums car and she hasn't taken my driving since, so i'm pretty much at square one. Hopefully if I start now I can get my Ps before June when my parents go on holiday, otherwise I'm sort of stuck o_O; Carlton, like near Hurstville? My boyfriend lives near there. If you let me know now which books you want i'll leave them at his place when I go tomorrow morning. That way he can store them until we decide on how much you want to pay and he's in your area. I don't really like mailing them, they're kinda heavy so it gets expensive. Beware if you don't let me know before about 6am tomorrow I will not be able to leave them with him and you will have to do one of two things. 1.Come all the way to Ingleburn to collect them. 2.Wait until the 25th of Feb when I am in the area again. Or I can mail them, but it eats into my money and I prefer cash anyways =P Which one's did you want? How much did you want to buy them for? I'm excited now because I need money =O
    Yes, required reading is the main textbook. If you're going to guy a large amount of textbooks I'll probably just throw in a couple of the recommended reading ones for really cheap. You seem nice so if you buy 3 or 4 textbooks off me, I'll throw in the recommended reading one's for those subjects for $10 each (from memory they're usually around the $60-$80 mark from the bookstore) Ahh, where abouts do you live? I like Campbelltown campus, its like 15minutes away from my place, now if I could just get my Ps =P
    Campbelltown. I'm actually going into my second year ;P Feel free to ask for tips about how to survive, we have a killer bunny rabbit infestation you know =) That, and I have textbooks for the first 8 units for sale at about 40% off [negotiatble] the price, mostly new =P (shameless advertising in times of desperate need =o ) I'm terrible, I know. But like I said, if you have any questions, even stupid ones, feel free to ask.
    Yea, doing B Science at UNCLE :)
    Bruce wants to know if you want to catch up sometime between 22nd and 24 feb at city?
    Nice, sounds like a plan =)
    Decided i'm doin a single business degree @ UTS
    yee nye was great. Went to a rooftop party in the city =) wbu?
    ive been working heaps lately, been catching up on gym and clubbing on the weekend
    take care
    oh thanks for the advice =D
    well actually I've kinda done that....
    2 hours of study a day... well a bit more...

    apparently sydney's chinese food is better than melbourne's chinese food though...
    but melbourne's western food is the best, from what I've heard

    btw what uni course are you gonna do?
    oh I've been to port macquarie
    it's pretty good...
    the views up there are great as well =D
    and it's actually not too bad to live at...

    well I've been studying a bit, but mostly chillaxing coz i kinda cbf study...
    need to get my motivation on!!
    merry xmas to you too =)
    hope you had an awesome time
    yeah i got alright, most prob do a single business or commerce degree @ UTS or UNSW next year
    hoping to transfer into law 2nd year :). what do you rekon you'll do?
    and party hard for nye :p
    yeah, you wouldn't want to get too lazy ahaha otherwise your body just likes...shuts down =P well for me anyway...
    and don't worry, enjoying plenty fun already :)
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