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  • haha, i can understand you wanting a job because of moniez lol, don't worry, you'll get in sometime :)
    mainly just hanging out with friends during these hols, rents not bothered with another holiday haha =P
    haha alright, time to get started on work...ah so cannot be bothered lol =D
    happy holidays to you too! :)
    holy...guess you're over the moon haha..
    trying to enjoy holidays but probably have to try and discipline myself to study and get ahead with the work lol
    enjoy your break :)
    haha that's ok xD. year 12 is pretty good for me so far, thoroughly enjoying it!
    how's your HSC? are you OK with it lol? :)
    I am hoping to go down to sydney someday. As to what i am upto - i got a bf now :)Also dreading my hsc results. Other than that, not much. How about you?
    Yeah, well it's pretty awesome here. We have a lot of pubs and clubs due to the university. And we have a decent amount of shops so there is competition.
    It's about 6 hours drive. I think it is about 7 on the train. Rent around the area is pretty cheap, if you found a share house you'd be paying about $100 a week in rent. On campus accommodation is about $9000 a year or something. But the area around the uni is one of the trial locations for the NBN
    UNE is in Armidale, AKA where I live. I think for Law it is about 83 or something. It isn't all that high.
    Why not try to get into law at UNE, it is more respected than UWS. I looked at ANU, USyd and UNSW for Law and was like "Holy fucking shit, I can't be arsed aiming for there."
    I'm only aiming for UNE, it's just that Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws was offered on early entry. Pharmacy has too high a demand to be offered as early entry.
    Where are you looking to study law?
    It has an i7 1.83Ghz processor, Nividia Geoforce GT 330M graphics card(1024MB), 4GB RAM, 16" screen, battery life is a bit under 2 hours, mainly due to the processor, 500GB hard drive. I tried to talk the guy down more but because it was already reduced he wouldn't go any lower, that and that is about what the staff pay for it anyway.
    Doesn't really bother me, I talk to him on MSN and facebook most days anyway.
    Your sister will adjust, just try to stay in touch with her.
    Yeah, still going to change my preferences when my marks come out to try and get into Pharmacy since Law is just my fallback.
    Well I'm expecting an ATAR of around 85ish, but yeah, don't know. I got a Toshiba Satellite A660, picked it up for $1300 and got them to throw in a $50 laptop bag for $20.
    Lol, I'm the youngest and my brother is studying at ANU so I don't see him much but he came up for a week last week. And changed the home page on my laptop when I didn't lock it and went out to a party to meatspin -_-
    Not really looking forward to getting my results back. But meh, that's life. I've been working since I've finished, got the money up to buy myself a laptop :D. But other than that haven't been doing much.

    What have you been up to since the end of the HSC?
    its still slow :S
    lol maths was alrite, we went through everything, and everyone there was smart and not asian
    yeah umat is on the 28th , but ive been doin 4u, umat and chem stuff
    hahha thanks.
    sorry about the late reply, my net killed itself a week ago and my brother only revived it today, then my to annoying sisters wouldn't let me go on my own laptop! would you believe it, a 2 yr old can control her older sister by screaming her lungs out? lol do you have any siblings?
    yeah his a very cute baby:) takes after his aunty hahahahahahaa
    too much to do i cannot do it anymore lol
    yayayayayayayaya than i well have a LIFE lol:):)
    thats cute..must look up to you aye?
    Ohh why no id yet?? I am waiting to chat with u for so long :( Try and make one for me sweetie and listen do u have facebook account?
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