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  • hehehee:)
    nah today when i was on it..quiet suprised it didnt take that long so wowhahaha:)
    I have 3 sisters and 1 brother im the youngest..wwbu?
    Two of my sisters are married.. one just had tha baby on thursday his name is louie
    thankyou all very well
    hows things with you?:)
    gwd girl ive been revisiing too but over it lol
    xx tc
    Nah dnt be yeah i know its annoying it takes like 5 mins to load but dnt worrie messaging you is worth it lol hahaha
    good good thankyou:)
    ii HATE HSC with a PASSION lol so stressful
    cannot study anymore for trials over iit lol
    break what break? hahahaha
    been at hospital my sister had a baby boy yesterday:):) so yeah all busy with the lebo traditions lol
    Thx sister for the lovely msg :) I wish you best of luck too ... have u made ur id yet or not? Wanna chat wid u smtime.
    lol we didnt do much, just the experiments we studied about, like floating magnets
    yeah im coming btw
    lol we didnt do much, just the experiments we studied about, like floating magnets
    yeah im coming btw
    How are you?
    I have a wedding today the bride looks amazing just came back from church gunna go reception soon.. i was sitting in the church finking mmmhhmm wonder how my wedding is going to be like hahaha it was funny lmao i smiled to myself and looked around incase anyone thought i was werid lol
    nah didnt go to school on friday (last day) couldnt be bothered i went out with guesss hahaha it was a good good day dw we didnt jig our parents know lol hahahahahaa
    have a good weekened?

    lmao wtf dnt listen to myst1fy hes jst stalking me for sum unknown reason [refering to bottom post lol]. neway aww congratts! man ur guna smash it in the trials/hsc period for legal lmao!. oo well hoppe u do well in the english assessment!. leme know how it goes! :). hahaha ouft already the last week of term. next thing u know the trials are up and here cums the hsc. dese holidais u shuld be making notes :). believee me u dnt wanna leave it to the last minute lmao
    Yesh i am sheikh Taj of lakemba.
    I may be 79, but i have power of 20 year old. I am 79 and finished my year 12 last year because, the bastards kept making me repeat. But i finally made it last year. Happiest day of my life.
    Yes i am sheikh. I know i have bad DP. Must change it.
    lol your welcome. :D hey wats your avatar? its too small to see properly.
    it looks like a man looking at a green star or someting.
    thats alrighht:)
    whens your last day of school?
    haroum mines on friday but im finking of not goiing lol mmmhhmm lol
    your very welcome please its nothing lol
    lol don't rely on mamoz to help you because she got an ATAR of 35 and she failed them, best to ask someone with more credentials (in your case 90+ ATAR)
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