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  • Why are you letting your sister make decisions?

    No offense, but I want to see you write a legal brief using "omg
    omg omg".

    I play COD, Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed, Dead Space etc. I could go on. Currently I'm playing Monster Hunter 2nd G. I'm a gaming addict.
    I thought DW was Arthur's little sister.

    But I like science, so I guess I can learn it easily.

    I always get 100+ kills. So many crappy noobs. Do you play? Not many girls play COD, let alone games in general.
    What does DW mean? I'm not confident with internet vernacular.

    I'm getting high distinctions in everything, so I guess I' enjoying it. Especially when half the cohort failed the chemistry exam. I got 95%. It's even better since I spend most of my time with friends at City Hunter playing COD.
    ahah this is the latest reply i have ever given in my life! the site was not letting me see any posts so i didn't see you visitor's message from last year until now. soo sorry :(
    well i have 2 younger sisters and an older brother. they can all be quiet annoying at times but i love them all the same. what subjects you doing?
    Holy shit, you remembered me. I haven't been on this for a while. I thought this website died, in terms of it's users. It seems the social groups don't exist anymore, so I've been foruming on other metal forums.
    Haha white collar crime! Yeah, definitely HUUUUGE scope!
    Well good on you :)
    Hope you ace your course!
    I'm still deciding...I think I'll be going to UNSW atm...
    Ohhh. Which Engineering are they doing?
    I'm feeling all nostalgic already. Shall miss school. Oh boy I said it.
    My timetable is alrighty. I do pretty stale and common subjects so that was expected.
    WOAHHH! 6 hours! Gooood luck!
    So why'd you choose a double degree?
    Glad you're enjoying uni :)
    Haha dw! From what I've heard, that's all a part of uni life. Don't base your decisions based on friends. I'm sure you can get into USYD if you keep being awesome! :D
    Gahhh Just got our HSC timetables. It's all happening so fast. Gulp.
    Half yearlies weren't too great or bad...
    Yupp thuursday. Can't wait. (sarcasm :p)
    Which uni are you at?
    Gahh I'm choosing between UNSW and ANU right now for Engo
    I'm glad you're enjoying uni! I can't wait for it myself...
    Heeya, yea, its been alright! I completly forgot about BOS until today! How about you? Hows your uni?
    heeyy! I'm goood! Half way through the HSC year...I'm still alive. That's a good sign. Haha, wbu? Are you in uni?
    meh, no point in arguing with Riproot, Zombie Omie Jay or Blastus. CBF, I have better things to do with my life than argue with stupid people.
    Obviously with you guys, no one wins so I'm just going to stop arguing with you know before I say something that I will regret later.
    nah not many assessments atm
    well music on the other hand is quite demanding
    gotta practice all the time =_=

    but thank goodness my good habits were in me since high school
    I was lucky to go to a school where 7-10 was actually serious

    hmm I'm hoping that uni would be better than high school...
    lol yeah especially with chromatic and matthew goodwin :L
    oh btw what uni are you heading off too?

    i reckon you'll adapt to uni.. it's only the first week though..
    but there's a lot of work, from what i've heard
    it's like HSC over again

    meh I'm procrastinating in year 12 atm... well it's all under control as of now but procrastination is kinda... shedding my security of getting 90s away. :/

    you too xD
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