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  • Heyy:)
    I have to hand in legal assingment tomorrow its about safety in the workplace a hand in essay which is good
    and friday hand in oral speech than the following week we perform infront of class so yehh not bad

    yeah my day wasnt too bad

    whats new?

    Wow that's really spread out!!, mine were kinda spread out, we finish this friday with maths, cause it was moved from wednesday :( (i was so much more prepared!! haha)

    thanks its all gud now :)

    how r u coping? :)
    LUT for my maths results W T F
    but i know where i made the mistakes so ill go back for trials and fix them:)
    which is good:)
    yeah weekened was at home a quiet one
    wbu? do anything?

    xx How was school?
    i cant wait for monday to get my maths results back:) yayaya lol
    what are we going to do about the teachers??? mmmhhmmm (thinks and thinks)

    xx take care
    have a good weekened be safe and a good girl lol
    Thats good:)...well done lol.. the carnival was AMAZING had sooo much fun!! we were at olympic park it was the best day ever!!:)
    yeah she did really well
    lut man we dont really compete just all year 12 mucking around we didnt run like serouisly lol
    we ate and ate and ate lol
    we saw a bulldogs player it was so cool hehehe but he plays for the junior team lol
    mmmmhmm how long did you two go out for?
    that would of been hard
    you okay??

    hahaha so true lol your funny man
    cool i have shit teachers for biology and cfs and at the start of the year my society and culture class didn't get a teacher for 5months which really sucks:((
    Both my parents are abrabic.. ii hardly speak arabic i try to but never succeed lol
    mm thats niice:)..well done good on yoou
    i wish i was good at running hehehe please id rather not run at all because i know i wont win lol
    thats such a cute outfit.. it was quiet cold as well so good idea:)
    yeah bulldogs all the way:)...ii dont watch every game i just go for the team lol
    not an obessed fan an ordinary fan lol
    yeah yeah good good and you??:)
    well for our maths everyone got theres back today but our teacher left them at home
    lol not really its boring and lame hehe.
    Business Services...

    Yeshh i like it ... im coming 7/ 80ish students i think... so not too bad. lol What yu want to do after school?

    Ohh thanks hun :) Yu seem so nice lol - Rare on Bos
    lol WOW...

    i do adv english, 2u maths, legal, eco, sor, bsa and dropped drama. hehe we got 3 same subs :) lol.
    hey!! how r u? sorry 4 taking ages to reply, really busy lately
    how r ur assement tasks going? finished them all?
    Im going to wear what a football player wears but as a bulldogs player get me?
    do you watch NRL?
    yeah its all good:)
    Ii wish yu could wear what you like its annoying me that you cant wear what you like
    haroum for your school LOL
    do you understand any abraic words?
    your veryy smart!!!!! lol

    I'm sorry that this reply is really late ^^;

    I'm doing short story too - first draft due in next week. Have you done the first draft yet?
    awww thats nice; family time is good
    wow 90%, thats amazing !
    yeah, everything's been alright, got my math marks back last week, grrrrrr, still needa improve
    and had an english test today on hamlet, though i went alright =)
    the weekend was alright, went larpa and brighton, cruised around, nothing to special
    goodluck with your studies :)
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