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  • Salam wa alaqum i am Sheikh_Taj.
    I am a wonderful member of the australian community.
    Women must cover them selves, or cats will eat their flesh.
    heelloo darlingg:)
    hahahaa nah me and the girl sorted out our problems today we spoke and now we are on good terms no more fighting and arguing its being a good girl time:):) our last year make the most of it lol:):)
    happy birthday to your mum:):) how cuute lol
    nah BOS hasnt been working for a while as well lol
    10-15 minute lut man we did a 3 minute speech on wilfred owen that was our maximum time limit..good girl always proud of yoou:)
    yeah good good it was a boring weekened studying :) lol
    nah nah dnt be sorrie
    i messaged you cos i thought sumfin happened cos you didnt reply
    nah all good
    i just tend to worry about my friends lol

    no more fighting at school we are all good

    wbu whats new with you anything at school with hahahaha?

    hahaah i would love if everyone on this site thought like you do. people actually gave me neg rep for that.
    lol aw assessment tasks i hated them!. always used to do them last minute and i would die. i always used to say oh ye ill do it lyk 1 week b4 its due but it always ends up happening the same shit everytym, chukin an all nighter to finsh lol. worst habit walla lol. but yee goodluck in ur assessments and leme know if u need help! :)..
    Well at least I didn't do my assignment last minute...UNLIKE OTHER PEOPLE...YOU!!!
    Oh and I didn' use your album on your page because I got my own pictures...SO I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT!!!!! :) !!! :) !!! :) !!! :) !!! :) !!! :) !!! :) !!! :) !!! :) !!! :) !!!
    i know big time
    today at all we didnt talk
    she would try to talk to me in maths ill just tend to ignore her and drift away lol funny man the looks i would give her LMAO
    yeah shes a very good friend one of a kind:)
    hahahahahahahahha you sick bitch god love you LOL

    dnt worrie yu ever need help in a fight ill smash them for you:)

    how was school today??:)
    I've been neglecting maths lately due to time constraints, had to focus on Chem, and now English lol.

    How's bio?
    Lol it's kinda challenging. We had a Shipwrecks assessment a week after starting Shipwrecks (in Chem), and we got an English in-class essay next week after starting Module C about 3 weeks ago lol >.<
    hi amani

    How r u? I'm good :) What's new? I have not been coming here so often. How about you, what's new with you?
    heyy amani!
    unii is awesume *rolls eyes* .. jst finshd exams and now on holidayys :)
    gah i hope i pass my exams coz i cbf repeating my shitting subjects lol
    so neway hows skool goin wiv ya? been studying hopefully?
    at the start we were just mucking around than she wouldnt stop mucking around and i got annoyed telling her to stop blah blah she wouldnt..than shes like ill kill ya blah hehehe i was lauhing at her face than i knocked her down and choked her cos she threatened me and was being a hard bitch
    guesss wasnt involved she was good :) she was standing on the side if i got hit she would come in but only the girl got hit because of me i didnt get touched
    i know they all think there hard bitchs and for all omg im fullii sick
    get over iit you losers lol
    yeah im okay just my chest hurts thats all
    yeah same workplace ewwww man hehehe
    Yeah i handed it in today it felt good to hand it in and bother the teachers with reading it lol
    thats good:)...well done you smart cookie lol
    naww thats annnoying haroum for you i would literally kill him hehehehe
    thankyou yeh i feel quiet confident with it
    i had a fight today at school with my friend it was like a full on punch on it was bad
    it was her fault
    it was full serious
    like wow never happened before

    what you mean like the topics?
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