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    MATH2881 Quantitative Risk

    I'm doing Commerce (Actuarial & Finance), hoping its at least half useful.... till i had a closer look at this program today: School of Mathematics and Statistics - In Advanced Mathematics and Advanced Science This Quant program seriously puts all of us actuarial students to shame! If you...
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    yeh i found 1613 one BITCH of a subject since all of it was new to me. looking back now, it isnt that hard compared to 3rd year subjects but when i did it i really struggled and had to read things over and over again to get it. Like seremify i found the later subjects like 2624 and 3635 much...
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    How hard is Actuarial Studies

    Lecturer said today, about the part III exams: if a question is asking you about the probability of something and you answer; P = -0.xxxxx then that negative sign is enough to fail you for the whole exam. seems obvious not to have a negative sign, but to fail a whole course with a simple...
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    thanks for your reply about Quantitative Risk! did you find it too easy or something?

    thanks for your reply about Quantitative Risk! did you find it too easy or something?
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    FINS 2624 Final

    70-75% weight for exams is the norm for actuarial subjects. when i did 2624, many people in my tute were actually repeating so i guess you're not the only ones to find it hard. Once youve passed it and look back, I'm sure you wont think it was so hard.
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    "The Courtyard" - Law Forum Social Thread

    That does sound tempting doesnt it? But do you really think, ALL teachers get full time work easily? Like all professions, there are negatives to teaching too which I dont know about. My aunt is a highschool teacher and has for the last 10 years, been complaining how she should have done law...
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    No Money in Law !?

    Hays and Micheal Page salary surveys can give you a rough idea of ranges, but your question is very subjective depending on working for someone as a lawyer, or a business owner in the law profession. As a job, law is like any other. generally 60-150k range salaries. As a business sector, i...
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    Does the university you go to really matter?

    University snobbery is here to stay. I'm currently doing Actuarial at UNSW, and we're frequently reminded how we are the best, and how our bell curve marks are graded harder than the rest, blah blah blah. I'd be believing all this bullshit too if I didnt know any better. but for the benefit of...
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    what is an easy course to end my final sem with..

    failed 4 subjects?!? Dude, hows job interviews for next year going?
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    MATH2881 Quantitative Risk

    Just got an email from James Franklin about this course. Any comments from anyone who's done it?
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    Does the university you go to really matter?

    LOL Most posters here, are young 20 year olds who have no idea of the realities of the legal working world, other than rumours. Its true that getting into a top tier is very tough as a new graduate. just to let people know, I know 2 D average final year students from unsw who could NOT get...
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    Is it possible to ask them if they could enrol me in a full class for one of my tutor

    Re: Is it possible to ask them if they could enrol me in a full class for one of my t I tried. Didnt work for me. hope you have better luck
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    Use of laptops in asb

    some finance subjects like FINS2624 recommend you to bring a laptop into tutorials and copy the tutor while he's showing you stuff on excel. you can get by without one, but considering how much uni fees you'll end up paying, the price of a laptop isnt much.
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    Adelaide law?

    I studied at adelaide uni (MED) but knew a large group of law students. All of them, including top students, are now are working in average suburban law firms as theres not the same opportunities progress like in syd/ melb. i reckon you're better off staying put at UWS and concentrating on...
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    marketing as a major

    i'm not so sure if actuarial would go well with marketing. I do not know of 1 other person in my actuarial class, is also taking a marketing major