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    HSC 2018 General Mathematics 2 Exam Thoughts

    I felt good about it until other people started posting their solutions. Nothing too nasty in it, my fault for not studying enough (lived in New Zealand with a very different maths syllabus until year 11, and I did 2U during prelim, so had to cram year 9+10 maths and prelim course last night ON...
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    English Advanced Paper 2 [Discussion/Thoughts]

    SLAYED Yeats in Mod B. Didn't study whatsoever for Among School Children. I nearly cried when I saw there wasn't a prescribed poem, and did Airman, Wild Swans and Leda. Had a lot of fun with it. Mod A (if I have this the right way around) was The Crucible for me. SLAYED. Used Hamilton the...
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    For starters (and I mean this in the nicest way possible).... I suck at English, any tips on how to improve?* By the time you reach the HSC, it is imperative to be able to write with correct grammar, at least 95% of the time. Read/write more to improve. I'll probably make mistakes typing here...
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    Help for essays

    Disclaimer: this is from my own experiences this year, I ain't no teacher either soooo- Late response, but: 1) I read somewhere that as a general rule, keep each sentence below 40 words (of course, as with everything, there are exceptions). It's cleaner, and stops people from waffling. There...
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    HELP for creative writing

    The generic teacher advice for creative writing to to focus your piece over a short amount of time, and include details (personally, I was like, "nah, I'm going to challenge the system" and made years go by in my story. Still got high marks). The stories that are written over a short amount of...
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    Yeats essay HELP

    Late answer, sorry, but hopefully this can help other people. "In your view, how does Yeats’ portrayal of the complex nature of inspiration contribute to the enduring value of his poetry?" To simplify: In your opinion, how does Yeats' show the good and bad side of inspiration, and how does...
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    wELL I HAVEN'T STARTED IT YET how is your life going

    wELL I HAVEN'T STARTED IT YET how is your life going
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    Ext 2 English 2018 roll call!!!!

    HELLO!! This place is ghost central for 2018 EX2 students. So many lurkers, but no posters. But I'm here!! Yeah.... *cough* I have my Viva Voce next Monday. I am so dead. The three other people in my class have their concepts down, but I'm still here all like, "Do I wanna do WW3.... nah, I...
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    Studying with/without music?

    It has to be kept quiet, and it has to be instrumental so the lyrics don't influence my writing or distract me. I'm alright with any music while doing maths though. Blast it. I jam out to freaking Hamilton the musical. My name is Alexander Hamilton.... and there's a million things I haven't...
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    Need some ideas for Major Work Project.

    Okaaay, I'm personally dead set on doing something on the American Revolutionary War, whether that be studying Washington (who according to some people was a pretty bad general, and I wanna do more research) or Jefferson (who wrote about inalienable rights.... but built his Monticello slave...
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    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Grr.... teachers who play favourites to the extreme make me want to pull out my hair. Yes, I'm the quiet kid. No, I'm not emotionless and I can perfectly hear what you're saying to other students. It's only an issue with just one of my classes, but I absolutely dread going to that circus of a...
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    ....Creative writing is my favourite thing on this planet, but whenever the words "short story" and "marking schedule" are used in the same sentence, I flinch and hiss at my teacher. So, I wrote something, and I kind of hate it. Questions: 1) Do we need to include a lot of descriptive...
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    Hello there 2018 students!

    I met a bunch of you yesterday at a Sydney seminar for EX2. It's so nice to meet with like minded people who just want to share a message with the world. So.... how is everyone doing so far? What genre/form are you thinking of using? Personally, I've been trying to come up with a plot for...
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    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Eh, the lessons are much more structured now. More homework for Ad. English than any other subject. Technically we're getting a lot of homework because my god, there's a lot of note taking to be done.
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    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Ohh reports, I don't even want to see mine. Flunked prelims beyond belief and dropped three classes as soon as HSC started. Teachers and deputy principal were appalled. I was on an excursion for Ex. English 2 today so I'm not sure what's happening with my school's reports. I'll burn mine when I...