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    UNSW Co-op

    hey is that you xu? there are around 6-7 finance coops this year
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    Well, I got my lowest test result ever.

    no you don't. study guides ;)
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    It's not true.
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    Cleaning inside the computer tower

    you can purchase cans of compressed air from places like dick smith that do the job :D
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    Anyone else feel that their school is behind with work?

    hmmm im pretty sure we never finished our chemistry option in class :S lol.
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    2 unit problem

    yeah you'll need to do fairly well in 2unit maths - absolutely no scaling. lol
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    Need motivation

    Seconded :D
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    Year 12 Jerseys

    LOL i agree. i was soooo excited about getting them. ended up barely wearing it at all :S
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    Radioisotopes in industry and medicine

    firstly you'd discuss the benefits and problems in general. then link to example one - medical radioisotope and then link to example two - industrial radioisotope
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    Studying on Friday nights

    lol just relax. u don't need to be studying every minute.
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    Using the Toilet during HSC Exams

    Re: takin a dump in the hsc lol wtf. they don't wait outside.
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    dry cell or lead-acid cell

    do dry cell against a fuel cell. very good comparison in my opinion.
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    countries for 'impact of globalisation'

    i did vietnam for my eco case study. in my opinion, a very good country to do. there were very significant shifts and the impacts of globalisation are particularly clear. in particular, free market deregulation etc
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    Should i drop Physics?

    definitely hold onto it. i averaged around 78% for physics throughout year 12 - ended up getting 90 for physics :D