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  • How can a library be intimidating? =O
    I made a start today which is awesome. I think my motivation ran away after the trials. Still recovering from those lol. My poor brain.
    I'm a joke-junky if that makes any sense. Pleaseee tell me some funny jokes? PM them if you want. =]
    I've never studied in a library before. Maybe I should try it some day lol. Do you go there often?
    I feel like the laziest bum in the world lol.I should get a move on before that workload gets any bigger. I feel guiltyyy.
    Tell me a funny joke? =]
    Lol you haven't come across any mean people yet? It doens't really matter, at least you're a nice person.
    So how are you today? =]
    Lol don't worry about the rep, I'm not crazed about that like some members seem to be.
    hey dude

    meant to be doing 2U past papers, but i've barely done question 1 - cbf, etc etc.

    how about you? how'd you know my name?
    ahaha not bad dude. not bad at all :]

    go dj splash, tiesto, scooter and showtek though hehe.
    Then again you could work for a small firm, which would mean no real travel and moving, less money but prob less hours, so i dk, its an indiviidual thing. That's about all i know bro haha
    Hey! yeah they are pretty good at giving you the energy to UP! and GO!! goooo!

    they are great :)
    Well in construction industry, because it's usually such a large scale project theres heaps of sub branches. The two big ones are Design or Management. Design are the ones that obviously draw the plans, write up all the specifications for the road (quality, depth etc) its all very interesting. I more dealt with the management, so there the ones that make sure that all the concrete matches specified density, thickness, structural analysis. Also alot to do with drainage, and making a sustainable environment etc. Then some specify in concrete, others in geotechnical ( soil) etc etc... It would be very very interesting in my opinion. Basically large scale means a fair bit of travelling but very large salary ( prob $200k+/year)+car+mobile+rent paid for ( well thats what they get at Abigroup anyway), but the only down side is that its pretty big hours prob like 50-60hrs a week, over 5 days.
    Hey bro, well i love Mathematics and Physics, thats what made me really look into it. Really want to further my understand of these fields. But, i like really like the idea of applying my understand to solve problems etc. I dont know if you know, but i'm deferring from university this year (2009) and starting Feb (2010), i've been working with a company called Abigroup (construction) who buld highways, dams, bridges etc. Worked as a Surveying assistant, so dealt with Civil engineers regularly, learnt what about their position and responsibility etc, thought it was fantastic. I'm still unsure wheher i want to do Civil or Electrical (part of the reason i'm going to UMelb where they do a general course for first year). I think its great man, theres always more to learn through experience aswell, that's similar to Medicine though. I think you should look at it mate, even if you consider it a back up... :)
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