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    4 tutorials in one day

    Just out of curiosity, how hard/difficult would it be to manage 4 tutorials in one day for someone on a two day timetable where one of the days are full of lectures and the the other day is full of tutorials only. (I placed the four tutorials on a thursday so ill have plenty of time to prepare...
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    Stuck on a question for economics :/

    just wondering, would we get away with naming a random (real) country eg; "McDonald Islands" and just making up stuff about the eco development, globalisation effects and etc. coz as if markers will know the economics behind every economy. i just cbf with relearning my case study, when chances...
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    Rate the Difficulty

    the paper wasnt necessarily hard. it was lengthy and alot of the 1 mark questions should of been worth a bit more. idk why everyone's complaining about q5, they just didnt give a lot of hints, which is good. q7 on the other hand had heaps of hints which is probably why people say was easier
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    Terry Lee MX1 Solutions

    the 4u solutions arent in that link but yet how did the others find the link to the 4u solutions? :S
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    Is it possible?

    50/84 for a 4u student that did reasonably decent for 4u? is that even possible? im pretty sure ur 3u mark doesnt affect your 4u mark tho
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    Re: Holy Fuckaroni really? i found it about similar to most other years. obviously, not harder than 2006 coz that was a monster of a paper
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    mate. im expecting you to get 100% or at least come first in the state. Am i right?
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    imo it was relatively easier than other papers q8 didnt look that bad... i couldnt get past (b) tho since i didnt even understand that stuff :S probs 95-105/120
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    Re: paper its funny how ur trying to troll, yet the paper was actually relatively easy compared to other years. and the induction question was easy as hell as well.
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    Good luck to everyone!

    dude ur lucky i still have to do maths until wed :(
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    Some of my maths working out doesn't make sense.

    is fudging answers recommended? for those "show that the answer is: .... " questions i did this all throughout the year (school assessments) and sometimes i got lucky when my teacher couldnt be bothered checking my working, and i just copied the answer and fudged it in the last line.
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    What are you guys scoring in pastpapers?

    will next year be super hard?
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    Favourite and most hated maths topics

    LOVE: integration HATES: perms and comb, harder inequalities, circle geo and conics
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    and what? walk into the toilet, pull it out and read it? thats beyond desperate
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    Pencil in math ?

    do u need to use a ruler for the x and y axis, or does sketch allow u to just draw them free hand and are u allow to draw circles free hand? - mainly for 4u. (and the "copy or trace diagram" circle geo questions" i think i saw these questions asked not too long ago. but I couldnt find that thread.