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    Best Sex Scene in a Movie Ever

    It was hot as hell, more like.
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    X- Men 3

    It was ok. Glad it wasn't too long, actually. And wtf, they totally ruined Jugz.
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    Where do you find your music?

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    Where do you find your music?

    the ho beat me to it. Q4T.
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    The People of USyd

    I've seen you hiphop, ho shit son!
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    the USYD experience + strawberries n cream

    A bloke at a stall guessed me for an Engineering student on thursday. I felt bad :(
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    Who's the best American author?

    Bukowski > Kerouac for whatever it's worth.
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    Who's the best American author?

    Am I the only one who likes Bukowski?
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    What Clubs/Societies did you join?

    I joined the Kraut Kultur thing and the FilmSoc and another one but I can't remeber... :/
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    Know anyone, or going it alone?

    I know nobody, pero soy chido. I'd rather absorb the scene alone than get stuck with someone annoying.
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    *nods* Dialogue was far too... obvious. I prefer a bit of subtlety.
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    Goosebumps Gives Me Goosebumps!

    I remember trying to read a Goosebumps book when I was 7, but the lettering was too big and I couldn't get through the first two pages. >: (
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    Who's the best American author?

    Twain was arguably the first great American author, but as far as the best goes, it's a much harder question to decipher. Not to mention highly subjective in itself, illustrated by this thread.
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    B. Science/ B. Arts Student Roll Call

    Name: Peter X Degree: B Arts and Sciences Major: N/A AOY Subjects: Semester 1: ECOP1001 - Economics as a Social Science ENGL1025 - Fiction, Film and Power PSYC1001 - Psychology 1001 SLSS1001 - Introduction to Socio-Legal Studies Semester 2: ECOP1002 - Economy and Policy PSYC1002 -...