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Recent content by melsc

  1. melsc

    Uws law or maq law?

    UWS - extremely practical, unfortunately bad rep despite good course. Multiple campus is downside too. Can do PLT there. MACQ - very theoretical, active law society, slightly better rep. It really depends on what you want.
  2. melsc

    Is UWS actually a university?

    Seriously grow up people, it is a university. Stop trying to inflate your own egos by putting it down. I am closing this thread. I can't believe I have to watch the forum while I am on holidays because the posters that at like children can't behave for a week, post facts and constructive...
  3. melsc

    Which Law double degree is Better ?

    +1 Interest, dedication and ability are key. Plus using that credit will get you finished quicker which is a plus.
  4. melsc

    Important question on the LSAT

    Most things you pay for say that only so much will be refunded.
  5. melsc

    No Money in Law !?

    Ok, dude whatever. It's quiet easy to say somethings is easy when you completely underestimate what it involves. Law students are almost always tested by hypothetical problem questions, I have mfi where you get the idea it is all about memorizing essaays, I never once did that...even in arts...
  6. melsc

    Does the university you go to really matter?

    To an extent it does, that said reputation and prestige will only get you so far. Do your best, get into law at university and then work your arse off to get good marks, extra curriculars and work experience...it does pay off eventually, I never thought I'd be working where I am now but I guess...
  7. melsc

    No Money in Law !?

    Why can't people have respect for areas of study other than their own! This thread was about the money in law, another was asking if law was hard, ffs no one said that engineering or anything was easy. Saying that one thing is hard, doesn't mean something else is easy. Coming into the law...
  8. melsc

    non-adversarial justice!?

    I am pro a combined adversarial/non-adversarial system, i.e. using the method that suits the dispute. Sick of talking/readin about it as I just did my thesis on ADR
  9. melsc

    Distinguishing between Ratio and Obiter

    This sort of thing takes time. The points above a very useful. Here's a quick tip, look at the facts/law in issue. If the judge starts talking about things that aren't related to those points, odds are its obiter. If they lay down a test or criteria is going to be ratio. Keep in mind...
  10. melsc

    cover letter and the position?

    Yeah thats the important point. If you can afford to do it, sometimes its the way to get your foot in the door.
  11. melsc

    Cleaning up the Law Board

    I believe the form is on the site help forum. All is explained there.
  12. melsc

    cover letter and the position?

    I would disagree on the second part. I know quite a few people who have gained paid employment for volunteering for a while. Say you are a law student seeking work experience/a paralegal position.
  13. melsc

    Cleaning up the Law Board

    A lot of this would be great. I am in my final year, working three days a week and doing a full study load including honours, its something I just don't have the time for. If you guys can do most of it yourself and get me to only do the admin things you cant do...or apply to be a mod to help...
  14. melsc

    27/5/10 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? [full class cancelled, argument, security called]

    Re: Thursday 27/5/2010 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? lol, I was thinking the same thing.
  15. melsc

    27/5/10 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? [full class cancelled, argument, security called]

    Re: Thursday 27/5/2010 ACCG200 lecture's dispute? Petitions, meetings with the dean and other administrators...there no money to do any of it anyway. I am over caring, I am leaving in six months and I'll be glad.