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    where have all the 'emos' gone?

    mid 2005-2006 mid was emo year
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    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    ahahah chicken park, i saw that movie when i was 9, first movie i'd ever seen tits in
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    The worst job you've ever had?

    i picked up golfballs at a driving range in summer when i was 14, 12 hrs in the heat wearing padding and a helmet, which was to big for me, while picking up balls with a can attached golf club stick i got hit in the back, where i had no protection, at least 15 times, only place i ever got hit
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    50 Job Interview Questions, why they are asked and how to Answer!

    Sample Answer: “I'm not looking for just another pay check. I enjoy my work and am proud of my profession. Your company produces a superior product/provides a superior service. I share the values that make this possible, which should enable me to fit in and complement the team." Anger to me...
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    Gran Torino

    awesome ending, that all i've got to say
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    Did anyone get the Newsletters from Bored of Studies

    they overrate the uai's importance 10000000000%
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    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    can't believe some of these wackjob parents who dunno the hsc is an exagerated game
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    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    u don't nessarially have to go to uni right away, working around or doing a tafe course can still get you into a stable position and earn you some money or lead to a decent career, even going as a later student can get you in without any real hassle, besides even if u go to uni right away, u r...
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    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    um what a fuckin stupid question, to finish without being a drop out and to gain sound knowledge on various things i didn't now about before, to stay with friends, having an education up to year 12 leads to more oportunites then it does when u just leave in yr 10, hsc is a joke cause it's sole...
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    is my uai wrong?

    i know it was, and i'm still relaxed even with that bit of knowledge
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    im so sad about my uai!!!!!!!!

    not nessarily longer
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    The REAL way to gauge your school's performance

    one of the most fuck around, immature, kids i know who also cheats off others, got his name on that list for general math then again, that guy who got shanked and lost alot of blood that was ment to travel to his brian , gotn top in the state, so ain't that imppresive
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    is my uai wrong?

    Uai and HSC are both overatted jokes dude, i got pretty much the same with my results, don't worry bout it, just laugh
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    Family's reaction to your UAI?

    ahaha dw i beat you with having the lowest UAI mentioned on here, laughed so hard when i saw mine, the HSC was just a joke anyway