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  • "I also obtained a qualification of peer literacy tutoring from TAFE NSW – A beneficial program giving me tutoring skills and experience with junior high school students." :D i also have one of these, lol didn't know other schools did it aswell, i thought my scholl was very odd... Hows the tutoring going?
    Dunno, a bit too early for an ATAR aim haha =p.
    English, went ok I guess, can't really remember well because the SC was a blur... It just came and went lol.
    Haha go clean your room! My room has been neat and tidy since the end of my HSC lol. I had to rid my room of the evil spirits haha. =]
    Yes I've been having heaps of fun! It sounds like you're also having a good time lol, yay the beach is always great, don't forget sunscreen though! I got sunburnt from walking along George St on Monday =O
    Hello there, Mr. Reshad.

    My name is Matt, I am currently in Year 10.
    I've read your tutoring thread and I would like to consider your service.
    Please read my post (attached in the hyperlink) and let me know what you think.

    I look forward to your response :)
    Fusion of hydrogen atoms in the sun to form a helium nucleus can be represented by the equation
    H + H --> He (with the atomic number and protons information i.e. H - 2 atomic weight, 1 proton He - 4 atomic weight, 2 protons)

    Calculate the mass defect of the event and the energy produced (4 marks)

    the answer is 24MeV with the mass defect being 4.2x10^-29kg
    LOL, its CRAM CRAM CRAM for me.
    was watching video hits and MC Hammer's "u cant touch this" came on and now cant get the song outta my head.

    Good evening son

    How's your health?

    lol im booking you for at least 2 hours of msn tuition to make up for all the chem i didn't do today.

    damn you and your lack of extension english/modern
    Haha I still need to get my Ls. Public transport is so convenient for me though, so there's no rush I guess.
    LOL I'm glad I don't have any morning classes this year. Does it take you long to get to school?
    Good luck with chem and physics! =]
    Lolol, I'm glad you're back!
    Haha well it wasn't "hard" really, just unusual. Q10 wasn't the hardest question which really annoyed me because I didn't get to finish. Spent too much time on what should have been in Q10 instead.
    Oh you do 4U! How were the exams? =]
    I finish on the 4th too, I've got 2 more exams to go like you lol. Haha we can be cram buddies. Insteaed of chem & physics it's modern history & legal for me.
    Welcome back!!! How have you been??
    Haha no, I wish. Mathematics kicked my ass on Tuesday. Other than that, it's been going quite smoothly =]
    Have you finished your exams already?
    At your post:

    Yes, my official HSC is in 2011, but, I am accelerated in 7 Units...
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