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    B of Information Technology course

    if u dont like programming do e-business, i do network design atm and from 1st to 3rd year there is quite a bit of programming (java, c, c++, php, pearl, c#, scripting) currently in 4th year and done more e-business type subjects, its all essay and report writing
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    informatics - early entry - how did you go?

    As the title says, how did everyone go with their early entry interviews? Just curious, who was your interviewer(s) and what did you think of them?
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    Bad Lecturers

    im in informatics
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    Informatics subjects

    hi, time to choose electives again, just wondering if anyone has done these subjects, and if you have what did you think of them? would you recommend them as an elective? BUSS308 - Information Systems Management BUSS317 - Business Programming IV IACT303 - World Wide Networking ITCS301 -...
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    SITACS subject outline archives

    hi there, can anyone who is enrolled in with sitacs able to access the 2006 spring subject outlines, located at: ?? it says to login using username / password but mine wont work. if your able to get access can you...
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    hey, does anyone know if any past papers exist for CSCI399, or if anyone has done the exam before what structure the exam is in and is possible any questions you were asked? cheers.
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    BUSS subjects

    hey, has anyone here done, BUSS214, BUSS201 or BUSS312? can you tell me what they were like, if they are worth doing and what the workload is like? Thanks, Ben.
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    Students at UOW

    informatics faculty ide say would be 50 - 60 % international, 20 - 30 % local and 20 - 30% surrounding areas local as in around wollongong surrounding areas anything outside wollongong, ie sutherland shire, sydney faculity is mpstly made up of asian imports
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    CSCI213 - jaaaaaava

    ohh k, thats not too bad then yeah the assignments were a bit long but not that bad, the assignment 4 i ended up having 30 pages of code in my report.
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    CSCI213 - jaaaaaava

    hey, just wondering for those who have done csci213 with neil grey teaching, what is the final exam like? did you find it difficult? what is the exam structure like? thanks, ben
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    BInfoTech Industry Placement

    Hi guys, Has anyone here done the 8 week industry placement part of the Information and Communication Technology degree required after 2nd and 3rd years? If so where did you do your placement and how abouts did find this placement, also anyone else currently doing the degee, where abouts...
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    help me with my elective (SITACS ppl)

    with CSCI262 what are the assignments and exams like? how much programming is involved and or any maths? Can you give me a quick run down of the content and how the subject goes? Thankks
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    help me with my elective (SITACS ppl)

    hey, im half way through 2nd year BInfoTech (Network Systems + Management) degree and need to choose an elective for spring. In autumn I completed: - CSCI204 - C Family and Unix - CSCI212 - Interacting Systems - ITCS206 - Markup Languages - IACT201 - Information Technology &...
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    I hate first years!

    Anyone who parks in any of the uni car parks is a fucking dickhead, go park near the gardens or the long road behind the western carpark. Its FREE, not timed and spaces are always available.
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    Internet Science and Technology

    dude, just enroll in subjects related to the computer science degree, then at the end of semester transfer to the computer science degree I think BIST, IT and CompSc all have the same subjects for 1st year anyway, with the exception of a maths and ECTE subject