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    hair cuts hair cuts

    copying paris hiltons hair is hardly aspiring to be like her!
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    hair cuts hair cuts

    Im having my hair cut on wednesday!!!!! I want it to be like paris hiltons short doo... except my hair is dark...
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    White chicks and Asian Guys

    im white and my boyfriend is asian.. in the beginning it was an issue for me (my parents didnt really like it either) but all of us got over it pretty quickly when we realised how stupid it is to think like that. and it doesnt matter what size you are as long as you know what to do with it ;)
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    wat do u wear to the races.....?????

    ive heard that for autumn racing hats should be felt and women should wear dark coloured suits whilst for spring dancing a woman should wear dresses in pastels, hats and fascinators made from straw
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    What sunnies do you own?

    Ive got a pair of Makos for when i go fishing cause theyre special looking into water ones... and ive also got a pair of Dior Latina Girl sunnies but i want new season Gauchos!! ooo theyre to die for! I think Nicole Richie looks like a character from Bugs Life in her glasses....
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    girls chasing guys?

    HAHA no i dont look anything like Vicky! although i once met a girl who did... but thats another story! he is the kind of guy that f he wants something he will go out of his way to get it. and obviously thats not the case here.. he didnt have to..
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    girls chasing guys?

    well i tried and fell on my face (story of my life!) he doesnt have any time for me and thats that. back to the drawing board.
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    girls chasing guys?

    no not really.. i mean i like it if a guy comes to me.. but its not entirely essential... anyways arent men supposedly 'the hunters' ?
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    girls chasing guys?

    Hey what do you guys think of girls chasing the guys, instead of the other way around? Theres a guy that ive had a massive crush on for about 2 years and we hooked up on saturday... its now wednesday, i still havent heard from him... do you think it would be ok for me to message him? I...
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    What foods do you eat at school?

    standard sandwich for me: dark rye bread tuna or chicken avocado green leaves (cometimes lettuce, sometimes spinach, sometimes rocket) tomato squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper snack: carrot sticks with hummus or apple and pineapple or dried fruit or goulburn valley fruit...
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    Subject question

    hello philly cheese! are you back in towers this year? i miss the dorm a billion times more than i expected how ae holidays? ciao!
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    Bathurst O Week!

    yeah Dry Campus is serious. When they say it. They mean it and its a good idea to respect that decision because if youre going to live on campus for a whole year you dont want to be drawing attention to yourselves in the first week. Its not worth it. Just drink downtown in the pubs or wait till...
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    CSU Bathurst

    aha! this was my favourite part of going to bathurst! i turned 18 in late may of my first year and it was pretty sucky that whilst everyone went to the bar on thursday nights i had to stay home. although i snuck in a couple of times! campus parties arent patrolled unless they get a bit rowdy but...
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    CSU Bathurst

    it might be a good idea to have a look through the other posts which will probably answer your questions.. but the essentials: internet is accessable through all bedrooms and computer labs. everyone uses the uni network although i think you can sign up to your own isp but its just easier this...
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    Where to live?

    yeah its shite.. student politics is dead.