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    HELP/ ADVICES: Career in accounting - finance or economics as a second major?

    I tend toward the view that you should do what you enjoy cos my economics major helped me get through boring accounting but if you're kinda on the fence in terms of how much you like each one, then just go finance.
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    Big 4 Accounting Firms Internships 2008

    Lol I wouldn't worry about it. Last year, I was so stupid that I actually DID attend the info night for EY but in the interview, I said that I didn't cos I didn't know what "information session" the partner was referring to...*head on desk* Still got an offer though haha
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    Subject Reviews (with PDF compilation)

    Re: Subject Reviews (Updated PDF on first post) Just filling in some gaps. ECOS 3002 Development Economics Ease: 8/10 Very basic. No nightmare economics graphs or complex equations. Theory based subject (which suits me) and more than a little left-leaning… Lecturer: 1/10 If it’s...
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    Is INFS1000 easy?

    yes, stupidly so. No need to attend lectures at all ( I attended 10 mins of the first one). Just read the summary at the end of the textbook and keep up with assignments I'm computer illiterate (the internet and word is pretty much all I know) and it was easy. Used to be easier I think but...
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    ECONOMICS: course structure in different unis.

    I've only done a major in Econ at Usyd but having looked at degree structures at UNSW and ANU, they appear to be similar since econ majors are structures as following: Intro Micro Intro Macro Inter Micro Inter Macro ...and a bunch of electives of your choosing. So the electives you choose...
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    Is anyone planning to do a PhD in Business?

    omg props to you stas for getting into P&G but u really gotta build a bridge and get over it and stop filling this forum with incessant bragging... i hardly post but come to browse here every now and again and all is see are your posts about P&G's greatness/your greatness/how hard it is to get...
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    Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies)

    the UAI cut off for B com(lib) is higher than B com/b arts Im sure they are referring to people who are doing something like b com/b arts and only want to do B com OR B arts (single degree of b com and b arts is lower than the combined) Im 99% sure you have to go through UAC and transfer...
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    Uni Courses That Dont Need Maths

    They are completely different from different faculties. B Liberal Studies = glorified arts degree..if that. B Com (Lib) = plain commerce degree with a splash of arts and science
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    advisable program?

    They do but in very small numbers. If you're not too opposed to an accounting major (i.e absolutely desperate for a finc/econ major or whatever...) it can make your life ALOT easier in a few year's time when job hunting.
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    Desperate Need Of An Accounting Tutor

    That's extortion for someone who isn't even majoring in accounting...and I'm not saying majoring in accounting justifies 70 an hr either... Edit: I agree with those ppl who say go to consultation hrs. Go and attend repeat lecs/tutes. The amount of ppl who screw up basic 1st yr accounting and...
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    it sounds like you're not totally set on what you want to do so B com (lib st) is good for flexibility (esp if u can get the marks, i hear the cut off hovers close to 99 these days for a HECS place...omg) if you dont mind doing an extra yr if you want to a language then this degree is...
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    Im in a my final yr of b com (lib st) at usyd and I gotta say, if you already know what you want to major in then probably b com is the way to go. b com (lib st) is for people who don't know what they wanna do but want a b com for security. I didnt have a clue what I wanted to do in yr 12 but...
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    Laptops for Uni

    Re: Do you use a often laptop at uni? Or will you? the idea of lugging a heavy laptop (mine is practically a desktop replacement) around when you live over an hr from uni is NOT appealing to me so I would say "never" i bring an exercise book, a pen and highlighter and I'm set to go. I don't...
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    Difference between finance and Accounting Major?

    Well, you've done the work so you would know but when I was told that, it sounded good to me cos I barely remember anything in accounting unless I've just studied for an exam haha
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    Difference between finance and Accounting Major?

    I havent worked in accounting yet but at vac interviews, I've been told that if you know your debits from your credits, can construct a T account and know what a trial balance looks like, you're set to go...